Tips To Care Helmet

In tropical countries and dusty, certainly not limited to the use of helmets for safety considerations. Protect yourself from the heat and dust exposure is also an important factor, so that bikers need a helmet, especially of the type of full-face with a glass cover on the entire face.

However, no matter how the helmet is used to protect exposure to heat and dust, this device will also interfere with the wearer when the wrong care. Smell musty and moldy glass would be the most frequent disorders, if the user does not take good care. Electronic And Mechanic wrote a number of tips for the care of the helmet as follows:

Step of a Tips To Care Helmet

1. Open the cover glass, in particular the type of full-face, helmet when not in use. Because if left closed, stale air and the smell of sweat will continue trapped inside the helmet. The stench will also arise if untouched sunlight for a long time. The heat inside the helmet will be deposited on a layer of foam and this is what causes the odor.

2. Get used to hang the helmet after use in long-distance travel. Or treatments done at least once a week, for daily use in Indonesia. Put the helmet in an inverted position with the glass and all parts of the vents open. Open space the bottom of the helmet accelerate the evaporation of perspiration inside the helmet. And the sun's ultra violet rays are able to neutralize the bar sweat it.

3. When storing a helmet, consider the function of ventilation to keep it open so air circulates well. One of the easiest, open the glass and around the vent hole. The smell of sweat will circulate and the rest of the way out to evaporate.

4. Do not forget to put fragrances such as camphor, when the helmet is not used. However, carefully select the type of fragrance to it. If using perfume, then select which contains low alcohol content. When forced to wear high alcoholic fragrances, try when used in small amounts. Due to quick drying foam helmet and wrinkled when frequently exposed to alcohol.

5. Use proper high alcoholic fragrances, such as just squirt a little in a considerable distance from the target. Then when exposed to alcohol glass helmet, immediately wipe it off with a tissue or soft cloth. Therefore, it turns fragrance compounds will facilitate the emergence of fungi on the visor.

6. Scrub the outside of the helmet with a polishing paste evenly. Function in addition to keeping the helmet color durability, not easy to stick dust.

7. Finish polished and fragrant right, keep the helmet in a dust-free and not susceptible to direct sunlight. But do not be too put a helmet on a humid environment. So that the fragrance is not too overpowering, when the store is open around the vent helmet and visor.

Auto Insurance Deal With The Right Information

Many people believe that auto insurance is hard to do. In reality, it’s not actually that hard to understand.
Make sure you keep your license is clean.If you cannot avoid an accident or a driving citation, taking a defensive driving record can improve it and help you get lower insurance rates.
When considering the purchase of aftermarket additions for your car, assess the amount that insurance covers in theft or damage. Insurance companies usually don’t cover the entire cost of these parts, only covering the value that is added to the car’s entire value, which usually isn’t a lot.
Avoid letting your coverage lapse to keep your policy rates lower. You can have gaps in your coverage when you are switching from one company to another. Your insurance company will raise the rate charged once they discover these lapses.

Think about what type of insurance coverage is needed. There are many options available, and they may be confusing. However, if you own a valuable car and fear that you might get into an accident one day, maintaining collision coverage is probably a good idea.
Try to ride buses or joining a carpool. Insurance companies appreciate their customers being responsible clients.

When you are shopping around for auto insurance, get quotes from different insurance carriers and compare costs. It is quite surprising just how much insurance rates can differ from one insurance company to the next. Get a new quotes every year to ensure you always have the best rate. Make sure this year’s quote is for a similar amount of coverage as last year.
This can blow up in your face if you need to make a large claim, but as long as you’re willing to set aside money each month to cover the cost of your deductible in case of an accident, you might come out ahead in the end. A high deductible will result in the form of a lower premium.
Don’t jump right away on the first cheap quote you find. Cheap may say it all or it could mean you found a great find.
Insurance rates vary from place to place based on the chances of an accident or theft, and suburbs and rural areas are generally cheaper than cities.

Removing Collision

Think about taking some coverage from your auto insurance. For example, some policies include collision insurance; if you have an older vehicle that is not worth very much, consider removing collision insurance from your plan if possible. You can save a significant amount of money by removing collision coverage. You can also want to consider dropping comprehensive and liability coverage.
Even the briefest lapse in insurance is a huge risk to take, car accidents can occur any time.
Insurance companies are all created equal. If you don’t like the quote you receive from one provider, be sure to check out several competitors as they all have different prices available.

If you are ever in a car accident and need to file a claim, be sure to get plenty of documentation. It can be a camera in your vehicle.
Always try to remember the costs of insurance before purchasing a car. Auto insurance companies look more safety features. You should always include this expense as a part of your budget whenever you will purchase.
100/200/100 level coverage is a good idea if you have an expensive car.
If you can remove a driver who won’t be using your car, removing them will decrease your premium.
It is important that you keep records of your insurance bills. This is great if you ever run into any problems with your insurance company.
If you are looking for a low insurance premium, opt for the highest deductible. A higher deductible means you will end up having to pay for any small costs that come up, but you are still protected in the case of a major accident or one in which liability rests on you.
This is also true as well if you install these things on an old car.
AARP or some credit unions may make you eligible for lower rates on auto insurance discounts.
One way for younger people to get a discount on insurance rates is through marriage. Married couples can save up to forty percent on insurance costs. If there is a significant other in your life, maybe saving money will do the trick.

Sports Cars

It is absolutely not true that all sports cars automatically cost you more in insurance premiums.Only a few models of sports cars carry larger premiums. Call your insurer to see what premiums may be on a car you are considering has affordable premiums.
Unless the claim would be over $25,000 dollars, you should avoid filing a suit.
Try driving fewer miles each year to save money. If dropping your mileage is hard, it might be a good idea to invest in a cheap, second vehicle. Insuring two low mileage vehicles can cost effective than insuring one high mileage vehicle.
You may also consider the theft rate your vehicle has. Even if it is an older model, but a commonly stolen vehicle, think about comprehensive coverage.
Anyone can use the tips offered in the article. Be sure to use these strategies, and use them for the kind of car insurance that interests you. This article should have shed some light on how to get the best coverage possible for a price you can afford.
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Types of Excavator Bucket

The excavator bucket is an important and crucial part. Although not too great shape, this tool can be used to dig, carry materials such as stone to sand to demolish a building or something. Selection of the wrong bucket affect the performance and productivity of heavy equipment excavator. 

Operator or company owner should excavator bucket jelly choose and determine which will be used in accordance with the conditions of the soil and materials that will be done at the project site later. Bucket even determine how well the excavation until the magnitude of the object to be lifted.

Some Types of Excavator Bucket

Here are some types of excavator bucket that can be used to further maximize functionality and productivity.

Digging Bucket
Most of the excavator bucket has the basic functions to explore. It appears from the basic design of the excavator bucket in general. Excavator bucket is designed for digging, stone to other materials. Generally bucket shape according to the media to be excavated. For example, bucket with blunt teeth, soft and short to ground. As for digging stone layer, there are bucket that comes with dental materials are harder and sharper, use for prying.

Rock Bucket
Type the following excavator Bucket is a variation of the digging bucket. Sometimes some of the heavy equipment used in the mining area or location of the material hard enough. Bucket type is suitable for prying up to destroy the stone. This bucket is designed with a strong structure and equipped with sharp teeth mounted straight or shaped differently to destroy the stone. In addition to a solid bucket, excavator must also have a strong power to tear the crust. Usually this type of excavator bucket comes with a dimension that is not too large because it is not used to transport the material.

Hardpan Bucket
The excavator bucket type also serves to destroy something. The concept is also not much different from the design of the rock bucket. Bucket or the bucket is designed very strong and sturdy equipped diarea sharp front teeth. Different there are additional gear mounted on the back of the bucket. The function of this additional gear to loosen solid ground so that it is easier to be dredged or excavated. Extra teeth can also be used to break the rock.

Cleanup Bucket
Excavator bucket type is often called bucket cleaning. Design is fairly typical components, also function like a spoon, just to dig and transport material. Therefore, the design of this bucket does not have sharp teeth and capacity tend to be larger. not just for transporting material, excavator bucket is also suitable for leveling the ground, stockpiling material sometimes digging into the soft layer if possible.

Skeleton Bucket
Next excavator bucket type is quite unique and different. This function is for digging bucket. However, with the modified shape makes it more like a filter bucket. The excavator bucket comes with a design width of the base bucket-like nets. The width between the bulkhead that allows the material meeting certain size will fall and leave the larger size of the material in the bucket. As a result of this bucket is quite versatile because it can separate the coarse and fine material.

Choosing the right excavator bucket is very important. Therefore do not forget other factors such as engine power, composition and density of soil were excavated, wide bucket. Happy working!

Daily Maintenance on Heavy Equipment

Daily maintenance on heavy equipment should be done every day in order to keep the machine working optimally. Maintenance every day is a mutual obligation between staff (assistants) and operator. Assistant tasks are taught how to care for heavy equipment is good and true to the operator. For lifetime service operator can follow the instructions contained in the OMM (Operating Maintenance Manual) or can contact the dealer or an authorized distributor of the brands of heavy equipment.

The usefulness and benefits of the everyday maintenance on heavy equipment is to maintain and prevent wear to an early component of the machine due to lack of maintenance. Examination every day routine will help in anticipating further damage. Reducing down time. Add to the effectiveness of work units and employment targets. Daily maintenance is highly recommended that the machine can still work with a maximum of up to when it comes to regular maintenance period.

Daily Maintenance on Heavy Equipment

Some things are done when the daily maintenance on heavy equipment are:

1). Examination before the engine oil level in turn.
Oil is the life of the components of the machine. Without oil, the heavy equipment components will quickly wear out and obsolete. Oil examination should be done every day in order to avoid damage to components of heavy equipment. Examination before the engine oil level in turn is mandatory. This is done to avoid the exhaustion of oil when the engine is air-operations. Endless oil when the engine is operating will cause excessive heat in the engine and can cause engine into sudden death. It also can lead to collapse of the piston and cylinder overheating.

2). Examination of the battery along with its cable.

The usefulness of the battery on the machine is as modifiers of chemical energy into electrical energy to provide electricity to the electrical system on the unit. Check the battery and its cable aims to avoid surge and that all electrical functions on the machine works well. Check if there are chipped or broken wires, causing problems later. Batteries are widely used in heavy equipment and construction is solid type battery.

3). Check the radiator water.

Water radiators in heavy equipment is used to cool the engine so as not to over-heat. Perform checks every day not to run out of water radiator. If the radiator water runs out the engine will overheat. Because if over-heat the engine will be damaged, especially the piston, and cylinder seals.

4). Check and refuel
Refueling should be done every day in the afternoon after the unit is finished in operation to avoid empty space in the fuel tank.

5). Checking the hydraulic functions.
The hydraulic system of the machine is playing. Check the hydraulic functions every day before the unit operated. Consider whether the machine hydraulic system works normally or not. If it does not mean there is something wrong with the hydraulic system of its supporting components immediately check and find the cause. Since it is very dangerous for the machine and its operator.

6). Warming up the engine
Warm up the engine before the machine operates by turning on the machine with a low engine speed. Warming the engine must be done so that the machine is not in shock and surprise. Warm up 10-15 minutes each day.

Here it is the type of activities that can be done during daily maintenance on heavy equipment. Perform proper care so that heavy equipment units remain good performance.

How To Clean The Hood Of a Car

Hood of the car is the very top of the arrangement of the engine. hood of the car is the protector of all engine components. besides the hood of the car is the most outer part of the face is often exposed to dust, hot sun and rain.

hood of the car need to be treated as a human face, because the hood of the car is the main view of the exterior of the car where others will see the first time in the hood. There is a sense of pride when the hood of the car well maintained and not dull. How to clean the hood of a car which really was very easy Electronic And Mechanic Version. Here's the process:

How To Clean The Hood Of a Car

Flush with Cloudy
Flush the hood with water evenly. Let the water first flows down so fine as dust stains come down. To remember, do not wash when the new engine is turned off. The risks are the same as washing in the sun.

Wipe with Chamois
As flush, wipe the hood with a chamois cloth. When done unidirectional wiping from back to front to facilitate the cleaning process. Note if there is dirt. Try to eliminate the press rather firmly on the stain.

Use Microfiber Wipe
Immediately dry with a chamois. However chamois only serves to lift the water and do not dry out. The next task followed by a microfiber cloth. Make sure that the total dry hood and no water spots.

Give Moisturizer
Like the face, the hood also need protection in the form of a moisturizer. To this can be used wax. Use wax that does not contain silicone because it will spoil. For applications not to polish, but enough with the applied evenly on the hood.

Again with Microfiber Wipe
After the wax wiped with a microfiber cloth with a back and forth motion. This simple process of waxing can be done every two weeks. Wax is also capable of removing water spot light.

Window Glass Car Care Tips

Have you ever calculated how many times the windshield, especially the riders, in riding down every day? From the start the car ignited the morning to finish the move that night, maybe up to ten times the power window active work.

Unfortunately many owners often forget to take care of him. Be a problem if the glass can not be shut down normally. Even worse can not be moved at all.

Imagine the hassles that occur when you want to pay for parking. Forced to participate opened the driver's door. But not only on the part of the driver, but it is rarely opened another glass can also be a new problem.

Because never moved and exposed to the hot sun, the rubber will stick to the glass. Glass was so difficult to be moved. Another effect is the rubber becomes brittle and loses its elasticity. This makes the glass vibrations can not be muted and create noise. Water so easily infiltrate into the door panels.

Supporting the driving mechanism behind the door panel, there is a glass lines are generally made of rubber coated with velvet. Chanel lubrication on this glass could dry up due to workload and infiltrating rainwater. Because chanel dirty glass, glass often be difficult raised.

Yet how simple care. Prepare a small nylon brush, penetrant cleaner, lubricant silicone and a clean cloth. Once everything is ready, follow these steps.

Window Glass Car Care Tips

1. Lower the glass to the maximum point. Then penetrant spray cleaners using small hose to the entire channel glass gradually. Should not be excessive and contaminate the glass itself.

2. Brush through all parts of the channel glass to take off the dirt. Dirtiest part usually is the driver's side. Perform steps (1) and (2) several times if necessary.

3. Clean the remains of dirt with a clean cloth.

4. Use silicon spray to lubricate this glass channels. Raise a glass ¾ then start spraying lubricant before using the tool of a small hose to be able to be directed between the glass and the track.

5. Up-down glass to lubricate all parts of the glass lines. Spray again to taste, if it was still rough.

In emergency situations
In urgent situations, you can lubricate the rubber channel glass using cooking oil or shampoo sachets. It can simultaneously maintain elasticity and no direct contact with the glass.

Remember, this is only for a while in an emergency. The advantage, shampoo sachets can be easily obtained at roadside stalls. Unfortunately, when exposed to water, its lubrication effect will fade away even glass lines can be more abrasive than before. For it to do regular maintenance to avoid things like this happen.

Tips To Replace Water Radiator

Common mistakes often occur when draining and refilling, and add water to the radiator. When the water drain and refill the radiator, a common mistake is to throw skipped breeze through bolt exhaust air, which is a position generally near the cylinder head. Error when adding water to the radiator is not perfect or close the radiator reservoir cover, causing overheating in the engine.

In order not to make mistakes that will adversely affect the car's engine, while draining, refilling, and add water to the radiator there are steps that need your attention.

Tips To Replace Water Radiator

  1. First, open the radiator exhaust bolts under the radiator. Wait until the water in the radiator and the engine lost all.
  2. Close the radiator and open the bolt exhaust bolt flatulence. Furthermore, the content of water in the radiator with coolant radiator (radiator coolant) until the radiator coolant water out through the exhaust bolts wind. 
  3. Close the bolt exhaust air and let the radiator cap open. At the position of the AC off, start the engine until the temperature reaches the ideal temperature, ie the temperature needle pointing half and radiator fan spins.
  4. If the volume is reduced, add water to the radiator to the max, and close the radiator.
  5. Check the reserve tank. If dirty quickly drain and refill with new coolant radiator fluid, to the maximum extent. Tighten the radiator cap and reservoir cap.
  6. At the time of driving after draining the water radiator, check back the volume of water in the radiator reserve tank, add if less.

To add water to the radiator, you should not use plain water because it will facilitate happen rust in the water channel. Except in an emergency, can be filled with water radiator water. After normal conditions, please make dewatering radiator and refill the radiator coolant.

Maintenance Tips Car Diesel Engine

Diesel engines generally do not require as much maintenance petrol-engined car, but the cost of repair of diesel cars are usually more expensive. 
Good diesel engine maintenance will prevent the rising cost of maintenance workshop and fuel efficiency and engine are always in good standing. 
The diesel engine is a very good machine, and reliable for use in any car if regularly and well cared for.

Maintenance Tips Car Diesel Engine

The following maintenance tips car diesel engine, in order to live longer and maintain performance

Check the glow plugs
Glow plugs routine examination is essential for proper maintenance on diesel engines. Ignition of the diesel engine is dependent on a high heat and compression, if the glow plugs have been less good then the engine will be difficult to live because of the lack of heat in the combustion chamber. Glow plugs are used to heat the cylinder before the cold engine will be turned on.

Checking gaskets
Gaskets on diesel engines also can not escape from the routine observation, because the gasket is in very severe conditions. All bolt fastener machine must also be checked regularly to avoid leaks that could lead to other damage to the machine. If you find a leak Olie on the machine, the technician should ask the mechanic to check for leaks.

Checking the air filter
Air filters are useful for preventing his entry corrosive substances or objects of air into the engine combustion chamber. Air filter that has been used it will save a lot more dirt residue, as there may be damage, all collected residues can actually enter everything into the machine. Check and clean the air filter periodically based user guide.

Checking the oil filter

Oil filters for diesel engine components that should not be underestimated. The role of the oil filter is very important, because it serves to filter impurities from the fuel and karobn residues are corrosive. Filter that has missed its lifespan it will clog the smooth flow of Olie. Filters are still good Olie will filter corrosive particles from oil.

Do not open or loosen bolts
Never open bolt if the machine does not have an adequate tool, especially not know at all how to correct reassembling. Submit only the diesel engine experienced technicians.

How to replace the fluid in the engine

To maintain proper engine performance and avoid accidents, ensure that the engine is cold when you are going to replace all the fluids in the engine, such as oil or water to the radiator.

Checking the engine
Take a little time to look at the machine on a regular basis, to quickly find out as early as possible if there are irregularities. When performing maintenance of diesel engines, make sure the machine is turned off.

Beware of the cooling system

In all of the engine, cooling system is a critical component. Do not be put off if you know there is a problem with the cooling system, usually a warning alarm will be heard or seen on the dash panel. Check for leaks or need to perform additional coolant.

Adding special medication along fuel
Every time you fill the tank of a diesel engine, may add a "supplement". Substances such as This is useful to prevent diesel fuel mixed with dirt. Ask your subscription workshop on this machine supplements.

Using biodiesel
Another way to increase the life of the engine is to use bio - diesel. Biodiesel can be used in diesel engines with little modification. Bio - diesel is cleaner and can help remove dirt deposits that have accumulated on the walls of pre-filling the tank of diesel.

Diesel engines also require a complete examination and treatment to be more durable and last performance. Oil change, oil filter and air filter on a regular basis is very important to maintain proper engine performance.

Knowledge Wheel Loader

Wheel loader is a tool similar to shovel dozer, but wheeled rubber (tires) so that both the capabilities and uses slightly different, namely the ability to operate in areas that are hard and flat, dry, not slippery because traction wet areas will be low, but not able to take land own unassisted dozing / stock pilling advance with bulldozers.

Wheel loader is a tool that is used to lift the material to be loaded into a dumptruck or move material to another place. When digging loader, bucket pushed right to the material, if the bucket is full, the tractor back and lifted the bucket up to the next moved.

Knowledge About Wheel Loader

Basically wheel loader has the following utilities:
  • Cleaning the field or location of work (land clearing).
  • Eviction of land in close proximity.
  • Leveling the land settlement and replenish soil pits.
  • Prepare materials from the material making.
  • Peeling soil ugly part (stripping)
  • Surface or smooth the flat surface is called finishing.
The main components of the wheel loader is:

1. Cab
Cab is part of the wheel loader from which the operator running the machine. It usually has a door, sit down, and control the loader. It usually looks like a glass booth installed in the middle of the loader and may not be covered.

2. Lift Arm
Lift Arm mounted on the front loader, in front of the cab. This is useful for lifting the upper and lower front bucket. It works in conjunction with the bucket cylinder, hydraulic device that motivates the arm.

3. Bucket
Bucket is the most noticeable part of a wheel loader. Large shovel-shaped. Often, the machine has several types of buckets that can be attached as they are needed. For example, some wheel loaders come with general purpose bucket, the bucket to carry stones, one for to carry coal and other load for easier handling materials such as dirt.

4. Backward Bucket
Backward bucket mounted on the rear wheel loader, and is used primarily for digging as opposed to loading.

5. Boom
Boom attached to the bucket backward, and make it move up and down.

The workings of Wheel Loader

Wheel loaders work this way as well as heavy equipment in general, where the main driving tool using a hydraulic system. Because the hydraulic power or power has huge power, so it could be possible to dredge, transporting material or objects that are large.

For the operation of bucket used "hydraulic control" (hydraulic controlled), whereas the control cables (cabel controlled) has been rarely used in excavator-loaders. Use of loader usually is to load the material and carry, and unload. If the area around the flat material that is done, then the loader can move freely in a pleasant position

Wheel loader that works with the basic movements in the bucket and how to bring cargo to be loaded into conveyances or other instruments. Bucket movement is a matter of lowering the bucket on the ground, pushed forward (load / displacing), lift the bucket, carrying and dumping. When must be loaded into the transport lat, for example trucks, there are several ways of loading, namely:
  1. V - Loading
  2. L - Loading
  3. Cross Loading
  4. Overhead Loading
In general, Wheel Loader also has advantages and disadvantages, among others, the following:

Excess Wheel Loader
  • High mobility,
  • Maneuvering area loading loading point narrower than the track shovel and,
  • Damage to the surface of the loading point is smaller because it uses rubber tires.

Lack of Wheel Loader
  • In putting payloads into dump trucks uneven and sometimes can be tilted, even if these factors are influenced by operator skill.
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Caterpillar engine with ACERT Technology

Caterpillar® heavy equipment rolled out of the assembly line with the latest engine technology. The model was first transmitted is D8T. Several other models followed including D9T, 365, 385, and four Articulated Trucks. At the end of April, a total of 26 models of heavy equipment was available! Each machine uses a Caterpillar engine with ACERT ™ Technology, the results of research and development of more than $ 500 million and more than 250 patents. This engine meets EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations governing the United States of heavy equipment of non-highway, which force on January 1, 2005 for engines with power from 300 to 750 horsepower.

Caterpillar engine with ACERT Technology

ACERT Technology is another example of why Caterpillar continues to be a leader in North America in search highway. Truck engines with ACERT recorded more than 70 million miles every day. In fact, the Caterpillar plant sent more than 16,000 engines per month. Record the highway, combined with decades of experience Caterpillar in non-highway business has meaning customers will continue to receive the performance of the engine and the best engine production.

Engine emission regulations for heavy equipment is not new. The first regulation enacted in 1996, and the Tier 2 regulations followed in 2001. The standard is met by adapting existing technology, but the aggressive Tier 3 requirements require a breakthrough. Caterpillar introduced ACERT Technology to meet EPA '04 regulations for on-highway truck. Earlier, Caterpillar heavy equipment engines with ACERT start field testing throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

Now there are more than 350 such tools in the field. In total, all of them have worked more than 520,000 hours. Heavy equipment is working on a variety of applications typical for Cat equipment-from construction, mining, until the waste. And heavy equipment working in various types of conditions. One track-type tractor has been successfully working on road construction projects at an altitude of 8100 feet. ACERT Technology reflects a series of revolutionary improvements and gradually developed by Caterpillar. For example:

Fuel system allows multiple injections in each combustion cycle. Little fuel is injected at the right time to achieve a combined fuel economy and lower emissions. Advanced air systems generate cooler air in the combustion chamber. Wastegate turbocharger provides a low-end response is excellent. In addition, cross-flow cylinder head provides direct air path to the engine.

Caterpillar engineers worked with approximately 125 variables to find the optimal balance. There are more than 10 million combinations possible combustion. The engineer is challenged by the interrelated relationship between (1) the reduction of emissions, (2) the performance of the engine, (3) fuel efficiency, and (4) engine durability. Everything is not just complementary goals. Increase emissions, for example, can have negative effects on fuel efficiency. The end goal is no different than its intended purpose since Caterpillar established-to give customers the cost of owning and operating the lowest, and the lowest cost per unit of material moved.

Avoiding Accidents

The increasing number of motor vehicles in the world's population also make increased accident rates. For that every motorist should be able to behave and act carefully while on the highway.

Of accidents often occur can not be denied, there are two main things that determine. The first came from a used vehicle and a second course of the driver itself.

And from these two split into 8 important factor. Because to understand the 8 major factor this in case the driver can avoid an unexpected accident.

8 Tips To Avoiding Accidents

1. Brake System
The first four factors are the technical side on a vehicle. For safety in driving, braking systems on vehicle becomes a major factor. Thus the brake shoes / pads and brake fluid also should be checked regularly. Do not wait for the sound of deafening screech of brakes or also even be relieved when on the brakes. Especially during the rainy season and often face flooding as it is today, the brake system will be easy to get dirty. And if lazy to clean the brake too short lifespan.

2. Wheels
In avoiding the occurrence of traffic accidents, a vehicle must also be supported by good wheel grip. Wheels on vehicle becomes an important factor, because the less traction wheels can be bad. Wheels with brake system will be interconnected. Good quality brake if not supported a good tire is useless, and vice versa. The main daily vehicle tires is to have endurance and the ability to properly dispose of the water as it passes through the wet streets. To improve the performance of the vehicle wheel can make modifications. By replacing the wheels that has a lighter weight than standard, then the stopping power for the vehicle will be slightly helped. For the lighter weight of the vehicle that will help working brake system.

3. Technology
In the development of today's automotive technology manufacturers also compete to provide high levels of security. On vehicles minimal current ABS brake system has been applied. The more expensive vehicle safety features also promoted more complete. From airbag, sensors and radar detection of objects behind and in front of the vehicle even connected with an automatic brake system. Another technology that is very important to avoid accidents are blind spot technology. Unfortunately this technology
still used only a few luxury cars only.

4. Visibility
In driving the driver is required to have good visibility. Because there is rarely an accident that occurred because driver fatigue to impose sleepy to drive. To get a driver's license will be tested only candidate driver vision. In terms of visibility is also supported by the selection of window film on cars or also the selection of glass helmets for motorcyclists. In everyday use either glass or glass films helmet should not have the level of darkness in the top 35 percent.

5. Driving Ability
Easy to obtain a driver's license (SIM) in the world could be one of the level of accidents that occur. This case is also often encountered accidents occur because of the lack of ability to drive vehicles. Driving skils a vehicle driver must have been very important. And even now for the new SIM maker applicant should be mandatory take a test practice. In addition, several automotive communities were also often hold events driving skils that aim to improve the ability to drive a vehicle. In order to have a good driving ability, one thing that must be understood by the rider, which is to understand the character vehicle. For each type and vehicle type has a different character depending on the specifications of the owns. With a basic understanding of the type and the type of vehicle, the driving ability will also tertunjang good.

6. Control of Emotions
A rider can control the vehicle also emotionally charged while driving. Because people are easily ignited emotions while driving proved to be exacerbated the existing traffic. Moreover, as in the large cities of the World is renowned for high levels of congestion. Long jams and hot temperatures could be a combination of a time bomb in a person. For the self-control and understanding of the situation in the drive is essential. If you are able to control emotions well be able to avoid the accident. With the cold of your mind will be able to think clearly and not easy to push vehicle is misplaced because ignited emotional moment.

7. Read Situation
Another important factor that should be owned by the rider is able to read the situation, conditions and movements - movements of other riders. Thus the concentration and focus on the road is also a key demand. One of the examples we have encountered many motorists about to change lanes or turn forgot to sign it first. Of course this makes annoyed riders behind him. But usually, although forgot to sign turn, everyone who wanted to turn will have a mark or characteristic. Starting from the slow pace until the motion - the driver's head movements. From this it is certainly necessary sensitivity another driver who was behind it. However, the most severe when the rider does not have signs and suddenly turn and switch sides. Thus it is also associated with factors to-5.

8. Drugs / Gadgets
The last important factor in avoiding accidents while driving is to avoid the use of drugs and also the influence of alcohol. In the case of these drugs not only on drugs, but also prescription drugs that can cause drowsiness. Furthermore, also the use of gadgets or even mobile phones while driving. Regular driver driving while texting will have a level of hazard is more severe than the driver under the influence of liquor. For the rider who wants to make an important SMS can be pulled earlier than endanger themselves and others.

How To Clean a Car From Dust

When the dry season arrives, there is one problem that often haunt the owner of the car, which attacks the dust on the surface of the car body.

If you have this, then the uncomfortable feeling immediately ambushed. Moreover, if the dust is just fine dust that arises when the car when parked. The only way to clean up all the dust of that car into a clean look back.

There is a practical way to get the maximum net. That is using a feather duster or duster. Duster is often used to get rid of fine dust without having to wash the car. So that the execution time and energy more efficiently.

But there are some things to consider when cleaning the dust. If the dust was too thick, you should not use a feather duster, just wash with water and soap.

If dust is too thick, cleaning duster will only invite potential fine scratch. Movement sweeping the surface with a dry surface will create dust rubbing against the body. Friction that potentially damaged.

Note also the color of the car. If its dark color, the possibility of fine scratches shaped cobweb (swirl marks) become larger. Thus, you should make sure the surface dust is not too thick.

How To Clean a Car From Dust

The best duster is made from wool. This material is very smooth and effective capture dust. If you have trouble finding are made of wool, can choose microfibre material. This material is quite widely sold in stores tools car care.

That it is not recommended even chicken feathers. In the fur is smooth, very smooth, but the danger comes from the stems that are hard. It is possible to scratch the rod when in contact with the body.

Here are some steps that must be considered when using a duster.
  • Keep The handle of the surface of the body. If the exposed ends of the body, it can scratch the surface.
  • Do Not pressed. Quite a feather duster to wipe the tip of the body surface.
  • Do Movement in one direction. For example, from left to right or vice versa. Back and forth movement is potentially causing the fan-shaped damage.

Tips Cleaning The Car Ceiling

In addition to Caring For Car Air Conditioner, the inside of the car that often escape our attention is, the ceiling of the car. Though the car ceiling cleanliness must be maintained. If the ceiling is dirty and dusty could pose a risk of disease. In addition to cleaning the ceiling of the car, the car also looks clean and comfortable to drive.

If one of the ceiling of the car cleaning, car ceiling might even be loose, perforated or tear. Likewise in treating leather upholstery. So how to clean the ceiling of the car right ? Learn tips cleaning the car ceiling right below:

Tips Cleaning The Car Ceiling

  • Wash the car ceiling by using a soft cloth or a special cloth such as a microfiber.
  • Lightly moisten with a little water and wipe with a pressure which is not too hard.
  • If there are stains on the ceiling of the car, you should use a special cleaner for fiber cloth.
  • If there are stubborn stains should not be forced to clean it, especially with the use of chemicals that are not known how it works, you should take it to an expert or a car salon in order to get proper treatment.
  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner to clean the ceiling of the car because of its suction can make easy Cars sagging ceiling. Even if using a vacuum cleaner, sucking her choose the mode light.
Thus the article on how to clean the car ceiling can we say. Follow our news from the other in Electronic And Mechanic.

Find The Right Tires For Your Car

Tire is one component that plays a very vital for a vehicle, in this case the car. We can imagine what would happen if one of the tires we have problems, of course, is not only uncomfortable but also can endanger lives. In many cases, consumers often feel confused when choosing the right tires for their cars. They confuse what type of tires suitable or appropriate to their needs, so comfortable and durable. Even though it looks easy but is actually necessary in choosing the tires a little foresight and knowledge, at least consumers should be able to read the language code stamped on a tire product.

Car tires are the only components of the vehicle directly in contact with the road surface. Therefore, finding the right tires will determine how we feel comfort when driving and the level of safety. The first thing that should be taken into consideration when choosing tires are intended use. Cars are used for daily transportation require different types of car tires are used for competition or race. Cars are used for daily transportation need a tire that has a high level of comfort and security. In addition, the durability is also often be an important factor that should be considered by consumers.

However, when we go to a tire shop, there are many brands and types of tires are offered and it often adds to the confusion. Consumers are more often used as a benchmark price and brand to choose, but actually these two factors must be emphasized in numbers because they do not specify how the quality of a product tire.

Here is the code and terminology tires that can be used to help find the right tires for your car from Electronic And Mechanic :

Find The Right Tires For Your Car

Types and sizes: Type and size of tires are recommended for our cars are generally listed on the placard on the door or drawer, behind the fuel tank cap or on the instructions for use. For example, a tire with the code P195 / 55 / R15 84V. The letter 'P' stands for Passenger which means that the tire is designed for passenger cars. There are also LT (Light Truck), ST (Special trailer) and T which means Temporary or spare tire. The letter 'R' means that the manifold Radial tires. For the size, we have to consider carefully because if you choose and use a smaller size or larger than the size of the wheels, the tires can not be installed. Size symbolized by the numbers behind the letter 'R'.
The width of the tire: We also must consider carefully the tire width. The wider the tire, the better the grip power, and vice versa. However, the wide tires will affect acceleration.
The tread pattern: In addition to width, tread pattern will also affect the traction and acceleration. Normal groove generally have a fairly good level of comfort, but if we live in wet areas where rainfall is high enough, it is advisable to choose a tire with V grooves being able to provide better traction when moving through a puddle.
Profile: Tire with a thin profile that is 40 or 50 does look cool when it is used, but also has a bad side. Tires with a thin profile is very risky when used to traverse the bad roads because the wheels will be broken. Therefore, manufacturers of car makers generally put tires with thick profile.

Caring For Car Air Conditioner

Nowadays, Air Conditioning system or air conditioning is one of the most important components of a vehicle, in this case is the car. Stuck in congestion in the air-cooled cars would not be so painful because the body will sweat and stamina will be quickly depleted. As with other components, AC cars also require maintenance to keep working properly. With the air conditioning worked well, of course, riders will also feel more comfortable even stuck in traffic jams.

Caring for car air conditioner is actually not difficult. However, it is often we take for granted because we think that the most important thing to be kept is part machine and legs. Here are tips from Electronic And Mechanic on how to care for a car air conditioner that can work optimally and durable.

Caring For Car Air Conditioner

Always maintain the cleanliness of the cabin, especially from dust and dirt. We should always clean the carpet, especially in the front because of the proximity to the evaporator makes dust and dirt easily exploited that will make the growth of fungi or spores that can harm our health. In addition, a dirty air conditioner evaporator can cause unpleasant odors.

Clean the AC condenser is located under the hood, near the radiator, when we wash the car. Dust and dirt on the condenser will harden if not cleaned, it will make the condenser is porous which can cause leakage.

While trying to park the car should we seek the shade. When the car too long exposure to sunlight, heat and air-conditioning the cabin will be working hard to cool so high cooling loads involved.

It is better to regularly check for an extra fan. If we find an extra fan is not working, then it should be fixed soon because it will damage the compressor or the most fatal result of high pressure hose rupture.

Avoid smoking while in the car. Cigarette smoke will be inhaled into the evaporator. In the long term it will lead to the occurrence of sediment that in the future will make it broken. Although when driving in the open window, but it did not help because it still smoke can be sucked entry. Cigarette smoke also will cause a bad odor in the cabin.

Do not reduce the workload of air conditioning by lowering the temperature when the car go fast.

When stopped, before the ignition is turned off, electricity, including air conditioning has been turned off, it is also true when we want to start the car. When about to turn on the AC, we are encouraged to wait until the machine is stable first.

Use fragrances car that was already proven its quality as fragrances or perfumes are often poor quality can lead to deposition on the evaporator.

Highly recommended to perform air-conditioning maintenance, at least once a year. There are several components in the air conditioner regularly to be replaced or repaired, such as Freon, blower, compressor, evaporator, receiver dryer, etc.

When we found the air conditioning in the car is no longer working optimally, then we should immediately bring it to a handyman service air conditioning to prevent further damage that will certainly cost you more.

Driving while rainy weather

Driving while rain requires extra concentration. In addition to the visibility is more limited than when the weather is sunny, puddles even make the vehicle more difficult to control and thus braking distance can be increased.
Failure to drive in the rain of course can be fatal, but it can be avoided if the driver needed to understand the techniques of driving and the car is in good condition well maintained as follows:

Driving while rainy weather



Some special preparation before driving needs to be done in the face of bad weather. It can be started from the examination of footwear, make sure all are in dry conditions, because in wet conditions can cause the pedal (gas, brake, clutch) becomes slippery and dangerous, such as slips when walked on. Then proceed to make sure that all lights (small, large, sign) and the indicator function properly.

Note Tire Condition

Check the air pressure in the tires regularly at least once a week and make sure the groove or the tread is still quite thick. Proper tire pressure and tread is still good will avoid vehicle hovering above the water and slip (slip) when crossing streets wet.

Note Brake Conditions

Verify that the braking system is functioning properly. Components of this one is very vital and has an important role in the face of all the possibilities when visibility is limited due to heavy rain.

Note Wiper Conditions
As a means of supporting the vision, make sure that this component also works fine. If the wiper rubber brittle or damaged, you should replace it with a new one before the rain. Because if its ability to rinse the rain water has decreased, can diapstikan driver's view obstructed total heavy rain lasts. When pendangan be limited and you can not see the shoulder of the road or other vehicles at a safe distance, then it is time for you to pull over and wait for the rain to stop. Stop in a safe and proper place. When you have to stop on the shoulder of the road, stop immediately and wait until the storm subsided. Only when stopped at the edge of the road, use your car's hazard lights so easy to look the other vehicle.

Turn on the lights Main

Currently underway with heavy rains, do not hesitate to turn on the headlights (day time) or a small lamp to raise awareness around our vehicle. But do not use the hazard lights! These lights will only distract other drivers, especially when turning. Direction of the car unpredictable because sein does not work. Use Hazard lights only in emergency situations!

Note speed

Paculah your vehicle at a steady pace, according to road conditions to a safe distance. Avoid high speed or speeding, because when it rains, the water will be mixed with dirt and oil that makes the road becomes slippery and make your car easily slip. The best way to avoid it is by driving slowly. This will allow you to adjust the tire with the weather changes, so it has a better braking.

Keep Safe Distance

When the rain and slippery roads, the car requires a long braking distances Leih. Therefore, do not drive too close to another vehicle. Generally safe distance is 3 seconds with the vehicle in front, but when the rain try to increase the distance to 4 or 5 seconds in order to extend the braking distance and increase the chance to escape during an emergency.

Avoid Sudden Brake

Highly recommended for the brakes slowly. If you step on the brake to the maximum extent, it is likely the car will skid. Therefore do braking gradually before completely stopping.

Car control When Slips
Slip can occur at the driver. If you experience it, remember not to step on the brakes fully. Do not step on the brakes repeatedly when your car is equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), because this type of braking system will perform optimally perform automatic braking. Focus to control the car as possible

Types of Motor Vehicle Insurance

Insurance is an agreement between two parties, one party is obliged to pay the fee and the other party is obliged to guarantee fully the dues payer in the event of something that happened to the first party or his goods in accordance with the agreements made. Motor vehicle insurance is the owner of the motor vehicle into an agreement to the insurer to pay insurance contributions (premiums) are usually per year, but can also be done in a few years at a time and the vehicle insurance is obliged also to provide assurance to the vehicle insured in case of damage repair mild to severe and the replacement of part or all of an insured motor vehicle if you have a variety of things that damage caused by a variety of things in accordance with the insurance agreement.

The amount of motor vehicle insurance premium is calculated based on the percentage of the price of the new vehicle and the vehicle in the market price if not a new vehicle. The more expensive the car, the percentage is smaller. This percentage is calculated results for the insurance premium to be paid by the users of insurance services to the insurance. In this insurance agreement, the owner of the vehicle / premium payer would have a valid certificate of insurance as insurance participants to have a policy number and contains the selected type of insurance. This policy is useful when going to make an insurance claim.

Types of Motor Vehicle Insurance

Types or kinds of motor vehicle insurance is mostly composed of two (2) types of insurance, namely: type Comprehenship Insurance and Insurance Type TLO (Total Loss Only).
  • Comprehenship / All Risk: is the type of coverage that must be borne by the insurer to the insured vehicle, namely a guarantee against mild to severe damage and even loss of the vehicle. So, if the vehicle is damaged slightly, then the insurance company will cover all repair costs.
  • TLO (Total Loss Only): that is a guarantee against loss of any vehicle or if the damage is more than 75% of the price of the vehicle.
So, this type of insurance Comprehenship or All Risk is a type of insurance that is widely used in the vehicle passenger cars. While many types of insurance TLO used for freight vehicles and motorcycles.
In addition to the above options, there are a variety of additional insurance packages such as insurance due to natural disasters and others. The amount of premium for All Risk / Comprehenship greater than the premium type of TLO (Total Loss Only).

How to Adjust The Engine Valve

Valve adjustment following a car is not necessary at all engines. Many engines are equipped with hydraulic pounder and do not need to be adjusted. Valves with hydraulic pounder will be set by itself. If the engine is equipped with a valve adjuster mechanism requires adjustment after re tightened cylinder head. This is because when the cylinder head gasket is tightened on the cylinder head and cylinder head squashed more close to the block, so that the slit valve will change. the main components of a circuit with Cam shaft above the cylinder head (OHC = Over Head Camshaft).

How to Adjust The Engine Valve

Before adjusting the valve slit find out the specifications and the ignition sequence of the manual. Follow the procedures in the manual to adjust the valves. A simple way of setting the valve is, write the ignition sequence and the limit in the middle. For example: 13/42. Because the engine speed raise and lower the piston No. 1 and No. 4 are together. At the time of sil 1 and 4 point it dead on, one piston is conducting end of the compression stroke and the other end of the piston exhaust step and initial intake stroke. 

Set the valves in the cylinder is being compressed in which both the valve in the closed position. Continue to rotate in the direction of rotation job search engine, note the valves in the cylinder at the next cylinder exhaust valve end and valve closed influx began to open. Set opposite the cylinder valve. Do it again the playback until all valves finely tuned. After all finely tuned valve, check the timming chain or timming belt and replace if cracked or contaminated oil. Timming belt and timming chain inspected carefully and set appropriate specifications manufacturer's manual, make sure the engine long enough to care. Tighten the lid tapet, star engines give it time to be hot until the working temperature, check the oil and coolant leaks. If there are no leaks mean the cylinder head has a complete service

Cooling system maintenance

When jammed, car cooling system to work hard. When the engine cooling system is not working well, the engine can suffer from high heat aka overheat. The following parts of the cooling system should be checked periodically.

Cooling system maintenance


The radiator was instrumental in the engine cooling system. Check if there is a leak in the radiator. When this happens quickly repaired.

Check whether the radiator grille that is covered with dust or dirt. When this happens the ability to cool the water can be reduced. Part hose from the radiator to the engine must also be checked. There must be no cracks or feel mushy when pressed.

If the radiator has been serviced, the contents of the liquid again. Can use well water or tap. If you want better able to use radiator coolant has been added to the chemical mixture in order to better cool the engine.

Water Pump
Water pump in charge of distributing the hot water from the engine to the radiator. Check if there is a leak seal, bearing loose until cracks / leaks in the water pump casing.

To examine the condition of the water pump is relatively easy. Pay attention to the body and make sure there are no yellowish white crust on the body. It's a sign of seepage water at the water pump body.

The second way, reach for basic water pump by hand. touch the small hole in the bottom of the water pump. If no water comes out of that section could be a sign of leaking water pump seals.
Electric Cooling Fan
Useless if the radiator and water pump healthy, but the performance is not optimal cooling fan. Engine overheating will suffer as well. On the car front wheels, extra fan will work automatically at a certain temperature (80-90 degrees Celsius).

If the sensor is damaged or dynamo milk readers weak fan, then the supply of wind to cool the radiator will be reduced as well. When idle check whether the fan rotates live regularly and securely.

fan Belt
Player and AC alternator belt should also be checked condition. If on the surface arise cracked or brittle it signs must be replaced. The emergence of chirp sounds when the fan belt works also constitute one of the tools wear indicator

Thermostat become an integral part in the cooling system of the car. Devices located in between the radiator and the engine has a function or clog the flow of hot water from the engine to the radiator.

Advantages of Car Insurance

There are many advantages that you can get by having insurance, whether it be life, health, auto, home, or any other kind. Unfortunately, despite many people realize the importance of having insurance, there are many who still do not realize how important it is protected by insurance. Many people are still ignoring the usefulness of insurance and the fact that they will be spared from the worst possible, by having this type of investment.

One of the most important insurance to have is the car insurance. Given that mobility is one of the most important things in everyday life, is quite reasonable if you begin to prepare and protect one of your assets with insurance.

What if one of your family members involved in an accident - either as victims or perpetrators? Insurance does not guarantee that you will be in spite of these problems, but at least you do not have to constantly worry or fear, lest you be involved in incidents such as those mentioned above.


Advantages of Car Insurance

After all, you can actually enjoy the benefits of their car insurance. Here are the advantages of having this insurance :
  • First, you can be free from the burden of thinking and fear that constantly. Haunted by a sense of worry it is not fun, is not it? Not only will it make your life uneasy, you may develop the disease because of the stress of whack. With the insurance, at least you can feel at ease in carrying out day-to-day life; not constantly feel worried or even become paranoid - the term now is paranoid. When you leave the house, there is no fear involved in an accident that your work productivity and comfort in driving will not be affected at all.
  • Second, you will be free from economic burden if something bad happened. Having a car does not mean you live in abundance. Lots of people who have limited income forced to have a car because of the demands of work and high mobility. Imagine if in the midst of limited income that you are involved in a car accident, which causes you not only have to pay extra for repairs and also for medical expenses. Your expenses will automatically be doubled if you become guilty party, so you have to bear the costs of the other parties involved. You could have involved a huge debt, which of course would be an additional burden on you financially.
  • Third, insurance frees you from the responsibility of a third party. Driving accidents can occur due to a single cause or involve other parties. If you are involved in a single accident, you do not need to worry about having to bear the costs of the other party. After all, you only think about yourself. Another case if there are other parties involved. With the insurance, not only you will be free of costs for your own, you do not need to pay for a third party involved in the accident; let it take care insurance. Whether it's the cost of repairs and medical care, all of them can be excluded by insurance.
  • Fourth, insurance frees you from the extra costs in the event of a natural disaster or other incident. We know that natural disasters are unpredictable or predictable. In the event of landslides, floods, earthquakes, or other things - that cause damage to your car - insurance will be ready to protect you. Including if you have follow-destruction (vandalism) or car theft.
  • Fifth, the insurance can be a good investment vehicle. If you think to save money while protecting your assets, insurance can be a very appropriate choice. Is not it fun once had the means that can include multiple destinations?

Tips to Cleaning and Caring for Blur Car Lamp

Blurred car lights can occur in any part from the main light front (head lamp), turn signal lights and taillights. Mica headlights opaque example can reduce the power beam (lighting quality) of the lamp itself so less than the maximum so that driving becomes more difficult
Mica blurry lights are caused by: home take in water, conceded dew, blockage of the vent, intruding dust, often exposed to the sun, use a large light power or light mica age factor.

How to clean the car lights blurred mica is by brushing mica mica lamp with cleaning fluid which is widely available on the market (car maintenance workshop), in addition to mica lamp becomes clear light scratches on mica lamp will also disappear.

Mica lamp cleaning process is to remove the mica lamp, wash with clean and then applying a liquid cleanser and rub mica lamp with foam / fabric, the principle is the eroded surface of mica so that the outside of the damaged (opaque) will peel off (like the use of the kit on the car paint, which need to be considered is the time to uninstall mica car should be done with caution because of the forced removal may cause damage to the mica.

Tips to Cleaning and Caring for Blur Car Lamp

After mica car lights clear (net), automotive enthusiasts can prevent blurry back on the lamp by means of:

1. use the lamp with the appropriate power, the use of light with great power can make a quick mica rapid yellowing or brittle, this is due to automotive manufacturers actually have measured resistance mica lamp to adjust the headlights and standard.

2. The notice rubber bulb cover, rubber bulb cover is sometimes torn / brittle, if it occurs immediately replace with a new one because the rubber bulb cover brittle / tearing can cause the entry of dust or other debris on the house lights.

3. note the cover seals mica, mica cover seal is very easy to see because it is outside the house lights. If there are torn seals / hollow / brittle it will be very slaves for water and dust from entering the house lights, replace or fix this sil.

4. keep the cleanliness of the hood, especially for a car that is in front of the machine, the machine can make dirty dust / dirt from entering the engine room past the bulb, if necessary use insulation to close the holes that may be the way in dust from the engine room to the house lights.

Electrical System Maintenance

Electricity is the energy system in each vehicle. Electrical systems can become quite important in the vehicle. in addition to the security of electricity also can sustain the ride comfort at all times. Electric cars need to be considered carefully. Do not let the damage in this section makes your car breaks down or even burn. Below are troubleshooting the electrical system maintenance.

Electrical System Maintenance

Always monitor the condition of the battery
Without the battery, the electrical processes in the car will not start working. It is the most vital device in a car electrical system. Always pay attention to the condition of battery water whether it is enough. Then the battery pole terminals should also be protected from any sediment. Clean with hot water when this happens. Also, note how the age of your car battery. When you have passed 2 years, be prepared to replace with a new one.

Do not underestimate the alternator
When the car is running, the electric battery will be recharged by the alternator. This tool is used to change the engine turns into an electric current which partly used to charge the battery. Fortunately quite easily monitor the condition of the alternator, because there is the indicator lights. This lamp shaped like a battery and lights up when the alternator is not charging the normal. In these circumstances, immediately check the condition of your alternator and replace if necessary. If impose still running, then when the electric battery runs out, the car was going to die at all. And this process in a matter of hours.

Always wear the appropriate fuse
If there is a fuse that break up your car, always replace with the same great Ampere. If it is too small, you will be bothered fuse continuously dropping. But if too large, it can short circuit or fire hazard.

Routine checks
Electrical system is not actually wear due to use, but still could suddenly crashed. It is recommended to check the entire wiring system at least 2 years. Sometimes, Indonesian tropical temperatures can make the rubber cable becomes brittle. And checking will make you able to take preventive actions before the worst happens.