Riding a Motorcycle When It Rains

Riding a motorcycle when it rains it is quite risky, but when we did need what else?. Moreover, in case of urgent and did not have a vehicle cabin. Although it is very risky, you can still drive a motorcycle in the rain with the requisite caution and be equipped with safety gear that support. Although not a guarantee would not be an accident, but at least you've tried to avoid the crash by wearing safety fittings for riding a motorcycle when it rains.

Riding a Motorcycle When It Rains

Tips on Driving Motorcycle When the Rain Or After Rain

Completing the driving safety when it rains not only to avoid an accident, but to protect themselves from diseases as well, such as from common colds to flu illness that can be caused due to rain. Here is a tips for riding a motorcycle when it rains;

Focus and Concentration

Concentrate your mind on your path. Do not get hung by the strange sights around the roadside. If you want to see if there was something strange, you should pull over first. Focus your vision on asphalt or a pool of water you are going through, avoid the hole and try to tread on rain water is clear and not cloudy to avoid potholes.

Wear Jacket

Wear jackets objective that the wind is not too piercing into your body and avoid catching cold. Use of the jacket should not be too thick, tasty se to wear it and you feel comfortable while driving.

Wear Raincoat

The use of a raincoat is recommended as comfortable-so that better driving comfort and is not burdened by a raincoat, because it can lead to accidents. Wear a raincoat made from rubber, because it is more flexible and does not restrict your movement.

Prioritize Rear Brake

This is to avoid the slick at the front brake, because if the front brake braking could be you're flat on the asphalt that is watery and gritty, this will cause the front brake will lose your grip and fall because there is no pedestal.

Wear Helmets Reflecting Neutral

This is so that your view is not disturbed due to the general state of the motorhome when it rains the road is dark.

Check Tires Before You Go

This is to ensure the completeness of your riding safety. Not to drive a motorcycle in the rain with the state of the tires were bald, it would be fatal to your salvation.

Speed ​​Set

Set the speed is the key to your safety, good driving when it rains or not. But riding a motorcycle when it rains only recommended speed 25 kilometers per hour or below 40 kilometers per hour.

Turn on the lights

Turn on the lights as an indicator to others that we were driving.

Thus this paper, may be a reference and a reference reader who likes to drive a motorcycle in the rain.

Cleaning Oil Crust

The crust of oil produced from oil sludge that was on the sidelines of the engine or chassis components. When the crust is constantly attached, it will interfere with engine performance and very unsightly. Eventually the crust could be rust and where there are bolts, it would be difficult to open and released.

Cleaning Oil Crust With Simple

Cleaning the oil crust caused by oil sludge generated due to a leak in a component is very easy and does not require expensive. Enough with home appliances that are easy to find in your home.

Cleaning Oil Crust

Capitalize home goods, you will be able to clean up the oil sludge with ease. The following steps and materials required:

Material that is required is an old toothbrush, detergent, dishwashing soap, and chamois.

Cleaning Oil Crust step; mix liquid ingredients with enough water to spray former inputs. After that spray the liquid into crust piled up. Brush with an old toothbrush. Rinse with clean water or gas, make sure the water and the liquid does not get into the engine components, especially in the cylinder block.

Other Ways to Purge Oil Crust 

Another way is by using gasoline and an old toothbrush or a used paint filler. The trick is quite simple. You just enter a little gasoline into a small container, then dip an old toothbrush into a container of petrol and brush the existing sections of the oil crust, then rinse with gasoline with caution. Wipe all the results earlier and dry.