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Review Of KTM 390 Duke

Review Of KTM 390 Duke - It's the KTM 390 DUKE a motorcycle of similar size to the 125 and 200 and positioned between them and the 690. It is in it´s class a game changing motorcycle. It's light weight, it's agile it's low maintenance, it's low costs. In fact it is going to be happily at home in the towns and the cities all over the globe. It is now going to be a major competitor to the much more expensive maxi scooters. In Europe it is going to satisfy all of the A2 regulations. In its heart we have an all-new engine, 375 cc four valve, liquid cooled, fuel-injected engine. It gives out 44 hp and bags of torque. With regards to fuel consumption the numbers are mightily impressive. It uses just three litres for every 100 kilometres. With regard to service intervals they are every 7500 kilometers which makes this motorcycle way ahead of his competitors. Now the frame is the same used in the smaller family of dukes. The suspension - that has been upgraded to cope with the extra horse power coming from the engine, WP suspension taken fresh from the Moto3 grand prix world championship. 

Review Of KTM 390 Duke

Centre of gravity - that has been lowered aided by a new three stage exhaust underslung underneath the engine. And even when the bike is full of fuel it weighs only 150 kilos so all of these factors combined make this motorcycle brilliant in the handling department. The styling, it's sporty, it's aggressive. The colours, they are just so vibrant. LED indicators and the rear light as well, the seating position it´s upright giving you a great view of the road ahead and likewise great grip for your knees. For the pillion separate seat to the rear. In fact this motorcycle is going quickly even when it´s standing still. The braking system has been designed by BREMBO giving immense stopping power for the motorcycle. 

The ABS system has been developed in conjunction with BOSCH giving you great stability but no loss of feeling on the lever. If you're feeling really brave you can turn the ABS off. have fun. So we've covered engine, chassis and styling. Now let's see what the rider sees on the dashboard. A rev-counter, speedometer, gear indicator, average fuel consumption, a fuel gauge with fuel range, different trips. This is a digital motorcycle for the twenty-first century rider. Motorcycles are as individual as their riders and for the 390 DUKE the KTM PowerParts package is nothing short of brimmed full. For example you could have a graphics kit, head light mask, Akrapovic silencer, made to measure luggage, even an illumination kit. The KTM 390 DUKE is nothing short of a great motorcycle. It's got adequate power, funky styling, lightweight and low-cost. The super agile handling means it's nothing short of a great ride. No other motorcycle will give you more fun for your money. 

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