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Knowledge a Parts of Tower Crane

Parts Tower Crane

Tower Crane consists of Base Section, Section Mast, Telescopic Set, Slewing, Counter Jib, Chad Head, Section and Hook Jib + Trolley. Tower Crane made of steel material. As can be seen, the structure of this tower crane is standard and standards, and these standards are usually derived from the manufacturer of the tower crane maker.

The following are the parts of a Tower Crane:

Jib, is part of the tower crane long and can rotate horizontally by 360 ° or often called the tower crane arm that serves to lift materials or tools on the project with the help of a steel cable (sling).
Counter weight, in the form of concrete ballast located on the back of the tower crane which serves to provide the balance of the tower crane.
Mast section, is part of a tower crane that determine the height of a tower crane, where the installation of each mast section assisted with hydraulic tools to construct the mast section to the vertical direction.
Joint pin, is part of the tower crane is a tower crane operators operate.
Seatbelts (collar frames or anchorages frame). After the height of the tower crane beyond the limits of free standing permitted by the manufacturer, tower crane shall be installed seatbelts (tie beam) are attached to the building (column). In the installation, be aware that the construction is stable bracing force receiving tensile and compressive loads.

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Function a Parts Of Tower Crane

Tower cranes including multifunctional machine in project activities or too tall building bridges. For example, do the work of removal of construction materials to the higher ground, nor further then. Work will be more efficient with the use of tower cranes were compared using human power. Tower cranes can also help us in transporting the materials or heavy construction equipment and unloading purposes.

In addition, the tower crane is also used normally to transport concrete bucket for casting the column at high altitudes as well as transport equipment and auxiliary materials for structural work, such as air compressor, column formwork, flying table form, iron rods, as well as tools and other materials . The entire project is strongly influenced by the operational functioning of the tower crane, due to the dominant role for the smooth course of the construction project

Given the importance of an efficient work in a project, then Tower Crane plays an important role in every project. But do not forget other important factors relating to the structure and proper placement so that the efficiency of actually materialize.

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