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Caterpillar Fuel Systems

Because of the strict regulations for exhaust pollution in developed countries as well as the demands of effectiveness and economical use of fuel industrial world cause significant changes in the type of fuel used in the engine Caterpillar engines.
Actually there are four types of methods on Caterpillar fuel system are:
  1. Pump & Line
  2. Mechanical unit injector (MUI)
  3. Mechanical actuated Electronic controlled Unit Injector (EUI)
  4. Hydraulically actuated Electronic Controlled Unit Injector (Heui)
But will explain the basic system alone.

Pump and Line systems 

Pump Components & Line Fuel System includes:
1.Fuel Tank
2.Fuel Filter
3.Fuel Transfer Pump
4.Fuel Injection Pump
6.Timing Advance
7.Fuel Ratio Control
8.High Pressure Fuel Line
9.Low Pressure Fuel Lines
11.Return Line

Work System

The flow of fuel at the pump and line fuel system. Fuel transfer pump to suck the fuel from the tank to the primary fuel filter. Primary fuel filter serves to filter impurities in the fuel large, besides that it is often also encountered engine arrangement using the primary fuel filter water separator type as large dirt filter and separate the water contained in the fuel.

The fuel then flows into the fuel transfer pump and then to hand priming pump and then to the final fuel filter.

Bleed valve orifice shape that will drain the fuel tank to the function remove trapped air and heat in the fuel manifold to the tank. This system also uses the manual bleed valve that can be opened when the fuel priming pump is used to throw the trapped air in the fuel system.

In the final fuel low pressure fuel fiter screened more thoroughly and then flows into the fuel manifold in the fuel injection pump housing. The fuel in the fuel manifold and then into the cavity of high pressure pump (Plunger & barrel). High pressure pump will regulate the amount of fuel to be pumped to the high pressure fuel line and next to the injection nozzle with a very high pressure.

At the time of the fuel pressure in the high pressure fuel line is higher than the nozzle opening pressure, fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. The combination of very high pressure and the injection hole in the fuel nozzle causing mengabut perfectly and will result in complete combustion.

Close the fuel tank normally always have a line that is connected to the outside air, if it is clogged drain can cause a vacuum in the tank and fuel system does not work perfectly

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