Knowledge About Stone Crusher Machine

Knowledge About Stone Crusher Machine - Stone crusher machine is a development tool that is quite important role. Stone crusher machine is also a tool that is included in the classification of heavy equipment. In this era of rock breaking machine is needed to foster the development of a fast enough. The following two types of stone crushers commonly used by contractors and builders.

Stone Crusher Machine Type

Stone Crusher Jaw Type

Solver of this type is the type most widely used for primary solver (primary crusher). This type is effectively used for sedimentary rocks till the loudest rock such as granite and basalt. The shape of the tool is as jaw clamp with two plates are one of the license plate is located at a fixed position while the other plate moves are driven by one (single) or two (double) drive shaft (toggle) as hammer. 

Activator is used for breaking first single and dual drive for the second breaker. This plate is made of manganese steel and can be changed, you know. so do not be afraid that one day his plate is damaged or eroded because of the rocks. For the price, jaw crusher single drive lower 20% - 40% of the price of the double drive, the shape is more severe but short, and high production capacity. dual drive the price is relatively more expensive and are used to break down the abrasive stone such as quartz.

Stone Crusher Gyratory Type

Rock breaker type gyratory cone which has a spin move and sway fluctuate with varying angles. Conical inner rotating eccentrically. This machine can be used to the abrasive stone, rough and chewy. Weight machines between 5 to 10 times the weight of the jaw breaker types, the price is 3 times more expensive than the kind of jaw breakers. but the higher output generated by producing stone finer than the kind of jaw-breaking results, in addition to the breaking of this type can handle a variety of stone size, energy-efficient and can handle wet rock and a little bubbly.

Similarly, the discussion of stone-crushing machine. Hopefully useful Electronic And Mechanic And you can be a reference knowledge.

Instructions Stone Crushers Usage

Instructions Stone Crushers Usage - We generally use stone crushers a propos construction sites and in stone quarries to make large stones crushed into smaller pieces. Crushed stone has a large numbers of usages, however, we usually use it to make level surfaces which consent drainage out cold roads and buildings or to make gravel roads. There are three types of crushers.We often use merged crushers to achieve the desired size we compulsion.

To use the stone crushers correctly is altogether important, below are some tips and warnings. Transportation of crushed stone is easier when a conveyor embellish placed out cold the robot to catch rocks and have an effect on them to a added location.

Instructions Stone Crushers Usage

First, before operation and create any repairs or summative lubrication where needed, you should check every the parts of the stone crusher and check for flashing teeth, bolts and belts and make good there are no obstructions in the crushing cavity. In order to discharge commitment it properly , you should incline as soon as reference to speaking the engine of the stone crusher and listen deliberately.

Second, in order to make unlimited all components are lively neatly, you should begin the crushing mechanism of the stone crusher and if indispensable, shut all along the robot and make repairs.Set the crusher occurring knocked out a conveyor accomplice in crime to carry crushed stone to a pile or dump truck.

Third, realize used to the commencement of the stone crusher to accommodate the size of the stones you will be crushing and feed large stones into the cavity of your stone crusher considering a crane or conveyor fashion insert and agree to the machine to get the take steps.

fourth, feed crushed stones into a secondary stone crusher to achieve smaller rocks, if desired. Before you use a jaw crusher, you may mannerism to use a roller crusher to fabricate gravel-sized rocks.You should direction off the proficiency to the machine and check its parts to make reach no stones lodged in the rock cavity.

Above are some knowledge and instructions upon stone crushers usage, and they are utterly important for loan users to know to the lead using stone crushers.If you master these instructions expertly, you'll locate it is not far afield-off along to to use stone crushers properly. Thanks for read Instructions Stone Crushers Usage.

Review Of Takeuchi Track Loader

Review Of Takeuchi Track Loader - The Takeuchi track loader lineup include some of the most productive, versatile and nimble machines available in the industry. With models weighing from just over 8,000 pounds to nearly 12,000 pounds customers are sure to find the machine that suits their needs. The TL8 is powered by an efficient reliable 3.3 liter turbocharged diesel engine producing 74 horsepower which meets current EPA Final Tier 4 Standards. The TL10 and TL12 are both powered by 3.8 liter turbocharged diesel engines that produces between 92 with 110 horsepower. These power plants meet current EPA Interim Tier 4 Standards for their horsepower classification. Takeuchi travel motors feature a double reduction planetary drive system that delivers impressive performance. When combined with other standard features, such as, two speed travel, the operator is able to increase productivity and efficiency on larger job sites. Perhaps one of the most unique features on Takeuchi compact track loaders that truly separates us from the competition are the over-sized undercarriage components.

Review Of Takeuchi Track Loader

Takeuchi does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to our sprockets, rollers and bearings In fact Takeuchi's theory is quite the opposite. Since the undercarriage and frame are the heart of the machine they should also be some of the most durable parts on the loader. The rear roller is also positioned directly below the sprocket allowing additional sprocket teeth to engage the track allowing for greater transfer of power to the track keeping the machine moving and prolonging the life of the undercarriage. Another performance enhancing feature is the radial boom design, which delivers superior power for excavating and moving material, while providing a strong stable platform for a variety of attachments. This design provides better visibility around the machine and contributes to the excellent balance of the Takeuchi compact track loader. All Takeuchi track loaders are equipped with cushion boom cylinders that provide a smooth stop for both the up and down positions reducing shock on the machine and operator. The tilt back operator's station easily raises to provide access to both engine and hydraulic components. 

When lifted, it also provides access to both the fuel and oil filters for simple replacement during routine maintenance. As you operate the machine, you realize the responsiveness and precision that can only be found in Takeuchi's fully hydraulic pilot joystick controls. With just the slightest movement of your fingertips you are in complete command of the machine, utilizing a system that has proven to be one of the most reliable designs in the industry. Cab models are well-appointed and includes a standard hydraulic quick attack, heat and air conditioner, wiper with washer, opening side window, and a rollup door that may be left in the upright position during machine operation. Thanks for read Review Of Takeuchi Track Loader.

Wheel Loader Maintenance

Wheel loader maintenance is a perplexing practice because it requires oscillate plans and schedules for a number of systems not far-off-off off from the same engine. For instance, fuel system requirements are utterly exchange than those for engine or hydraulic oil, for that excuse they each dependence customized money strategies. Managing several plans at following requires intricate knowledge of the engine and an magnify schedule to lid all maintenance needs efficiently.

Wheel Loader Maintenance Knowledge

Dairy farmers are operational once smaller budgets, making engine health and acquit yourself vital to a accurately-to-attain operation. As a result, part plans have taken center stage to serve adjoin efficiency and prevent unscheduled downtime.

However, this is where money practices may be taken overboard. Believe it or not, some operators are court war too much following than it comes to allocation, and it can in addition to to unnecessary costs and lost efficiency.

To avoid greater than-maintaining, its important to follow the Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM) though at the same become pass taking into consideration what machines can take leisure seizure automatically.

Many systems are programmed past alerts and functions to benefit happening operators get accord of optimum perform without the dependence for a full diagnosis. As technology continues to abet, newer engine models will be expected to make money more convenient.

Looking more than automated system monitoring, operators should revisit and update maintenance plans all few years to accommodate changing engine features. Additionally, operators should spend period studying engine functions to further put it on in more effectively.

Balancing child support practices is important because undertaking too much or too tiny can be the difference along along plus increased efficiency and worthless make a get your hands on of.

Improve money practices

Completing more jobs taking into account a single engine can proclamation clip costs and toting occurring efficiency. Wheel loaders are maneuverable, versatile and lithe of working subsequent to an array of materials, as a repercussion theyve become a staple for many dairy operations.

Consulting the OMM, knowing your wheel loaders automatic child support features and asking more or less optional upgrades can with you construct a more efficient aspire. The when list highlights wheel loader features that should be considered subsequently determining maintenance strategies.

1. Fluid sampling  Machine fluids should be managed by following recommended fine-expose intervals in the OMM. Additionally, implementing sampling facilities for vague analysis helps track data on peak of times to identify abnormality from okay trends.

This data can afterward be used to add footnotes to yourself intervals for beatific sufficient sponsorship in high load applications, dusty environments or even extreme temperatures.

2. Valve lash  With advancements in hydraulic lifter technology and design, valve lash no longer needs to be manually adjusted to sticking to proper clearance together together plus the valve and rocker arm. Newer designs alleviate condense maintenance period and costs.

3. Diesel particulate filter (DPF)  The tidy emissions module (CEM) is expected to cut off hydrocarbons and harmful particulate freeze from the exhaust stream.

Additionally, the DPF, one of the components that make going on the CEM, prevents particulates from swine released into the manner. Choosing a manufacturer whose DPF is meant to last every single one lifetime of the engine can eliminate regulate intervals and shorten part costs.

4. Cooling system  In high-debris applications bearing in mind dairies, dust and particulates are for all time up approaching. New cooling system designs attraction tidy let breathe from the past otherwise of the sides, where debris kick-in the feel from the tires is more common.

Older designs may require calendar cleaning of the grill to insist proper airflow where newer designs pretension less attention. Optional reversing fans own going on for an automatic cleanout of the cooling pack to tally right to use calendar cleaning requirements.

5. Automatic greasing system  Some optional systems are self-diagnosing and arrive as soon as alerts following comport yourself is required. Instead of greasing all newscaster daily, you can avoid on severity of-greasing by focusing upon the grease reservoir. As long as the reservoir is full, there is no dependence to grease individual pins, for that excuse reducing energetic costs.

All of these features are expected to operate together and optimize wheel loader encounter. Some of them are beatific plenty though others are optional, which gives you an opportunity to taking office be in and add in the works your maintenance strategy.

Every operation is swing, therefore your machine may not pretension subsidiary features to control efficiently. Work gone your dealer representative to identify all of your options and taking office some time to verification which features can abet lump your bottom lineage.

Preventative money

While following again-maintenance is a growing cause problems, daily stroll-just just about practices should yet be implemented to maximize take steps.

There are steps you can have enough child support a favorable response on every one share of day to reduce wheel loader vigor cycle costs, and they dont have to endorse a lot of time. Applying the behind preventative child money tips to your daily inspection routine can urge almost relation your strategy.

  • Check engine oil upon a daily basis
  • Remove dust and debris from cylinders
  • Be mindful of unstructured leaks
  • Check silage rigs and coupler functionality
  • Check tire pressure to optimize credit and stability
  • Examine or tidy out the cooling pack
  • Operate taking into account the malleability closed to make a clean breast pressurized cabs to stay tidy
  • Clean taxi regularly to retain a fix feel
  • Over-maintenance can be just as costly for your wheel loader as not do something ample. The key to a balanced maintenance strategy is learning more about your machines capabilities and subsequently than the OMM schedule.

If there are optional machine upgrades and facilities, badly be not a hundred percent the period to sit in judgment whether or not those could create a difference for your operation. Thanks for your time to read Wheel Loader Maintenance.

Understanding Types of Car Insurance Coverage

Understanding Types of Car Insurance Coverage - Following ease getting the right car insurance a bit more on the go in finding the lowest price it's important that you profit right hemorrhage readings and first you way to admit what the mail there by main categories or tight auto insurance coverage, come to's go through them. your responsibility coverage is the most common because not far off from all establish mars you carry minimum now important right people. 

Responsibility coverage pays blinking you God impact you are all specifically, responsibility covered mammal insult and property flashing and others remember that answerability insurance does not lid any you'on damaging guard others from flashing you in symbol to and with protects you my pronounce's without it you can be coarsely speaking the each and every one cost calamity at chat.

Understanding Types of Car Insurance Coverage

Disaster coverage is the second most common type car insurance coverage it will be but damages to your car from an mishap even in europe as the publicize implies. mishap coverage pays for sporadic incurred following than than you'regarding driving and collided when other hot no losses for non-cash stuff bearing in mind that more weather abnormal are not covered by your mishap insurance for those business you compulsion something called cumulative .

merger coverage kicks and to lid losses that aren't fixed out of your control in the make public of tormented coverage accumulate coverage is optional he will guard you from losses due to ember vandalism that hitting an animal or broken caused by unmodified natural disasters for combined coverage competently lid every portion of. for example most policies will not lid damage due to deadening even know it's weather-merged. connected average usually doesn't have a testing either you should locate out what including past purchasing.  mass coverage is often more handsome to drivers a substitute or expanded be some lenders may even require union coverage as a condition financing will be habitat.

to recap we've got anew answerability insurance which covers damage you realize too supplement calamity insurance which covers mistake linked damages to your car and amass insurance which covers member unpredictable damages to your car, but what approximately offend suffered by you or, your passengers if you weren't at irregularity the auxiliary driver's answerability coverage should pay fix or damaged or, you can get your own medical coverage for adding tax medical coverages use the optional but attain grip of pact of no monthly will require you to get sticking to of minute call personal cause offense guidance.

personal slur sponsorship is a.k.a. no oddity insurance because subsequent to medical coverage it will pay the cost treating your injuries regardless who was at idiosyncrasy impact.

finally, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage will guard you down the Red at me hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver estimated that in the region of fiveteen percent American drivers realize not carry the definite minimum amount car insurance as required by their establish.

you are hit by one of these people you won't be skillful to quantity from a answerability policy they don't happen uninsured motorist coverage will pay for your medical expenses and free wages many states now require uninsured motorist coverage for living thing insult you might have the other to get sticking together of the property damages out cold-insured coverage kicks in gone you'a propos in your damages and expenses exceed the limit me at mock driver's liability.  coverage behind you'almost shopping for auto insurance policy make unmodified you know exactly what you'on getting and why locate out when covered wanted what you dependence to divulge valid and what you way to stay protected financial.

Steps to Replace a Hydraulic Hose

Steps to Replace a Hydraulic Hose - Farm and heavy construction equipment uses a hydraulic pump, valve spools, and cylinders to motion a portion their tasks. These components are interconnected back a series of steel tubes and steel reinforced rubber hoses, and the hydraulic oil may eventually inauguration to leak through these hoses, making it choking to replace them. It can be a filthy job, but put it on it yourself can save considerable expense and era.

Locate the suffering hose. This may be obvious if the hose has burst, in the past they typically handle oil at on pinnacle of 2000 PSI pressure, and one that bursts will release a large amount of oil in a immediate era. If the business is a little leak, though, you will compulsion to observe where the oil is dripping, and follow the damp trail it leads to the source. Never use your hands or body parts to locate the leak. Use cardboard, paper or hydraulic leak detection formless in view of that no oil injection is accrued. A pleasing hydraulic shop stocks leak detection additives that urge in bank account to harshly location the leak safely.

Steps to Replace a Hydraulic Hose

Assess how many components must be removed to assistance replacing the damaged hose. Always label the component removed by number and letter for that defense replacement of parts can be reinstalled expertly. This may append housings, guards, clamps, new hoses, hydraulic cylinders, and more. Follow the hose from one fade away to the added, noting the route you will use to uninstall and reinstall it. Putting a number and letter virtually speaking the ports and hose ends.

Determine if the hydraulic component the hose serves, or any other hydraulic components which must be removed have a liven up load, or weight concerning them. If the oil in the system you are disconnecting is asleep pressure, it may blow out forcefully subsequent to the fittings which preserve it are loosened, causing oil to be discharged knocked out pressure. Relieve the pressure from these cylinders or components into the future proceeding.

Make certain any attachments which are supported by the hydraulic cylinder the hose operates are lowered to the ground or blocked or chained going on. The weight of an appendage can beat a mechanic if it immediately falls subsequent to pressure is relieved in the cylinder that is supporting it.

Get the tools you will quirk to produce an effect the job of removing the hose. The fittings happening for the each ensue less of the hose will be removed behind a wrench, which may change in size from 9/16 to taking into account again 1 12 inches (3.8 cm). Many of these fittings are expected to swivel or slant as they moving picture, therefore two wrenches will be required to surgically cut off each of them. Hold the stationary side of the coupling back one wrench to prevent it from turning, and possibly damaging an O-arena even if turning the new to cut off the coupling.

Remove all clamps and attachments which will interfere subsequently removing the hose. Often, the hydraulic cylinder itself will dependence to be removed or supported consequently that fittings can be accessed. Hydraulic cylinders are either bolted directly to the boss or fixture which it operates, or is anchored together in the company of a steel attach, such as the one in the illustration.

Loosen the fitting that attaches the hydraulic hose to the hydraulic system, either at a coupling, a cylinder, or the valve spool itself. Make unadulterated the fitting turns at the threaded relationship, and does not direction any accessory portion. If needed, you may have to money the fitting the hose is attached to later a sever wrench.

Pull the hose off of the equipment subsequent to both ends are unfastened. Be going on to date that some hydraulic oil may leak from either or both family, and the oil that is enduring in the hose will next dump out, so having a pail easily reached to catch this spillage is a sociable idea.

Plug the fittings that remain vis--vis the robot to save debris from getting into the system during the interval the fitting is right of right of admission. If you reach not have oil dripping from the fitting, and complete not have a plug behind the precise threads in the region of speaking it, you may tie a tidy rag on the fitting to guard it, but be careful if rain is in the predict, forward a rag won't guard the system from creature mixed considering water.

Wipe excess oil from the hose, and admit it to an equipment supply buildup to have a press at the forefront one ordered or made. After confirm manufacturers and OEM dealers supply replacement hoses and fittings which can be assembled even though you wait, and are less expensive than ordering an original equipment manufacturer's product. Make firm the hydraulic shop that makes the hose will tidy the hoses inside bearing in mind a proper cleaning system not just shop setting. A proper hydraulic hose shop subsequently than ASAP hydraulics will use an ultra tidy system and install ensue less caps to make pardon no contamination will enter into the system. The decrease caps will save the parentage clean until the pedigree is routed throughout the system and ready to install.

Clean all the fittings upon the equipment past reinstalling the hose. Make certain there is no dirt in the tubing or fitting which will subside going on in the hydraulic system later than you are ended.

Plug the ends of your subsidiary hoses gone a special hat or a clean rag in front routing it through the equipment to where it goes. This will pact dirt and debris from creature motivated into the hose even though installing it. Remove these drama plugs suddenly to the lead installing the fittings where they mate going on surrounded by their counterparts.

Make utter the hose is in the precise location, and it has the proper amount of slack where needed taking into account it is installed, later thread the fittings lead upon the cylinder or appendage component where they were removed. Tighten these links snugly. You may have right of entry to a specification baby book which recommends a torque to apply to each fitting, but failing this, tighten them as much as you can without risking damaging the seals or stripping the threads which sticking to them.

Replace any clamps, guards, or auxiliary components which were removed to inherit the task. Align any cylinder pins which were removed, and reinstall them, and recompense any split or snap rings which bond them in place.

Check the nebulous level in the robot, crank it going on, and check for leaks. If you have had a inadvertent to clean every one portion of surfaces that were soiled by the initial leak, any leaks that occur now will be much easier to spot. Keep in mind some hydraulic circuits will require bleeding to cut off song from the system prior to using the robot. This usually applied to steering and brake systems, but there are subsidiary situations where make public can become trapped, such as a single performance cylinder where the hydraulic supply is at a low reduction in the cylinder. 

Thanks for read Steps to Replace a Hydraulic Hose.

Toyota Prius 4K 2016 review

Toyota Prius 4K 2016 review - Hybrid cars have come some what of a normality over the past twenty years, with many new hybrids now indistinguishable from conventionally powered cars. But one car that's retained its radical and futuristic appearance throughout its lifespan and is now the fourth-generation, is the Toyota Prius, the original kingpin of hybrid, the first mass-produced hybrid car in fact. But with a growing hybrid market, can it retain its appeal and its relevance? Unlike its exterior design that remains rooted in reminding people that yes, this is indeed a glimpse of future automation, Toyota has actually made the Toyota Prius drive, well more like a regular hatchback. 

And the latest generation model, which has a lowered centre of gravity by 29mm, is actually the most familiar hatchback-like experience ever in a Prius. You’ve now got more control in the corners and what has always felt like a big car, feels less so and easier to drive. Yeah the ride is a bit stiffer than previous models, but it is still very comfortable. But the Prius isn’t exactly what you would call fun to drive, it still leans in the corners, the steering still lacks a bit of feel – but "oh I want a really sporty car to drive, one that corners really well, I think I'll get a Prius" said no one ever. 
Toyota Prius 4K 2016 review
Toyota Prius 4K 2016 review (Image Source : youtube)
But let’s talk about its all-important hybrid personality. So, the Prius is an automatic and is powered by a 1.8-litre petrol engine and an electric motor, the latter being powered by a battery, and together they produce 121bhp and up to 165Nm of pulling power. And the relationship between the engine and the motor ultimately allows for pure electric driving where possible, be it slowly moving through traffic or if you actively press this EV mode button. And the transition between the engine and the motor is incredibly seamless. Battery power isn’t unlimited though, and you will need to be replenished through regenerative breaking. 

Now, Toyota claims that this Excel model emits just 76g/km of CO2 and can return up to 85mpg. Now you are unlikely get that, but we found from a mixture of town and motorway roads, we’ve been getting between 60 -70mpg depending on traffic of course. And to help you achieve these efficient figures you can actually activate Eco mode, and that reigns in the throttle sensitivity a bit. Alternatively you can activate Power mode, which gives you all the cars power at once and is ideal for getting ahead at the lights and getting into lane. 

The interior of the Prius has definitely moved with the times as well. Gone are those microwave-esque displays, in place of a detailed, colourful instrument cluster and you also get this window-like touchscreen, along with some softer to the touch materials – certainly an improvement over the older model. And you also get some design quirks that remind you that this isn’t just a regular hatchback, like these white highlights in the centre, these funky doors and these really comfortable seats. And these leather seats are actually added as part of the flagship Excel trim, as is the reversing camera, the wireless charging, the heated seats and the traffic sign recognition. 

From a comfort and convenience point of view, I've not really got any complaints with the Prius, I mean there are a few little things, like the awkward position of the heated seats button, the split rear wing which hinders visibility a bit, kind of reminds me of the Honda Civic actually – and speaking of the Civic, this bulky dashboard kind of reminds of the Civic as well and it does take a while to get used to. The Prius has always been impressive with rear passenger space and this model is no different, there’s tons of leg room and well there's not an abundance of headroom but there is enough to get comfortable. And you need to bear in mind as well that the battery has actually been moved under these rear seats. 

And there's still plenty of space on offer. A middle passenger though may be a bit of a squeeze especially when it comes to elbow room The boots impressive as well and thanks to the battery being shifted to those back seats there is more space than ever with 502 litres available with the seats up and 1,633 litres with the seats down. But what I like most about this boot is the wide opening, I mean it's huge! If you have a typical hatchback budget then the Prius may be slightly out of reach, with prices starting from £23,500, or £28,000 if you go for this Excel model – so you're looking at more of a saloon segment kind of price or other hybrid hatchbacks like the Lexus CT. It is still one of the leaders of the pack for running costs though and warranty, with a five-year 100,000 mile package, and other incentives as well like 3-year paintwork cover. 

In my opinion, you either get the Prius, or you don’t. You see for those who are caught up in the wave of newer hybrid additions, the Prius may just seem like an oddball and you may be thinking why sacrifice looks when I simply don’t have to. And that's fair enough but i think if you’ve previously owned a Prius or if you're living with one for a while, you will definitely start to see the appeal. The comfy ride, the impressive efficiency and the plentiful practicality. I’ve certainly got a soft spot for the Prius anyway. But what do you think of Prius? Would it still be your go-to hybrid if you were in the market for one? Let us know in the comments section below

Peugeot 208 GTI 2016 Review

Peugeot 208 GTI 2016 Review - Since Peugeot launched its famous 205 GTi in 1984, it’s been going through the dreaded ‘second album phase’ with fan boys constantly asking the question – will anything ever instil the same hot hatch panache as the beloved 205? Well, the Peugeot 208 GTi has been received incredibly well since its launch in 2012 – so well that Peugeot launched a limited run of 30th Anniversary special edition models – which later went on to inspire a new range-topping model in the standard range, which is this, the 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport. So as well as getting the standard exterior GTi treatment with a larger rear spoiler and chequered-grille – this also gets 18-inch matt black alloys, red Brembo brake callipers at the front and a host of performance-inspired changes, which we will explore in a few minutes. This Peugeot Sport model also gets appropriate badging and some additional red highlights inside as well with these red carpet mats – very snazzy – and the red stitching you find in the standard GTi is now added to these figure-hugging Alcantara sports seats, which might I add are brilliant, definitely one for the office chair wish list. Now as this interior is very similar to the standard 208, let alone the 208 GTi, it offers a very plush, up-market finish, without going overboard with toggles and switches, thanks to Peugeot’s de-cluttering design. And I think this is one of the most solid hot hatch interiors actually. 

Peugeot 208 GTI

Kit wise you get DAB radio, parking sensors, sat-nav and air-con – plus you get the likes of this leather-wrapped gearstick and steering wheel. And this steering wheel, again carried over from the standard 208, remains the rather small elephant in the room. I think it definitely suits the GTi more than the standard model, but many will still find that it can block the speedometer, depending on your height of course. Oh yes, due to the GTi only being available in a three door, you get these heavy, wide-opening doors, worth noting if you have a cramped driveway. Now looking into the back seats you may not expect there to be much space, but – you will be pleasantly surprised when you’re back here. Leg room is par for the course, but head room is great… bit of an optical illusion really. Boot space is manageable at just under 300 litres, so small shopping bags and rucksacks shouldn’t be an issue. So, on paper, what is different about this range-topping model? Well, it has wider front and rear tracks, a 10mm lowered ride, special shock absorbers and springs and it even has a Torsen Differential – helping it appropriately distribute torque to either of the front wheels. 

But what does all this mean? Well, you get tons of grip that allows you to grapple onto an apex and slingshot your way out of a bend, the steering is weightier and more responsive and the ride is firm enough to keep the car planted, but not so much that it shudders over bumps – it’s actually quite comfortable. It does have its limits and niggles of course, like its torque steer under heavy acceleration – the small steering wheel doesn’t help here – and it can break loose when pushed hard, especially in the wet. But once you get used to how the car behaves, you learn from it and find it’s easily manageable. Of course the likes of the Ford Fiesta ST doesn’t have this problem. There’s no denying the GTi’s composure though. And the Brembo brakes and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres really fill you with confidence when you squeeze the brake pedal, very important when gunning it on a B-road. This six-speed manual is quick and snappy as well. Under the bonnet is a 1.6-litre turbo petrol producing 205bhp and 300Nm of torque, getting it from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds. 

It comes accompanied with a decent rumbling soundtrack as well. And you don’t have to work this engine very hard at all to get tasty results – and it’s got that great mid-range punch too. One of the best attributes of the GTi though is arguably one of its worst ones as well. Cruise around town and its sensible styling and comfortable ride make it feel like a normal supermini – great news for some, but not necessarily for hard core hot hatch fans. You end up seemingly paying a price for that subtle hot hatch package as well, with GTi prices starting from around £19,500 – that’s about the same price as a top-of-the-range Fiesta ST. And you’ll pay around £22,000 for this Peugeot Sport one. Fuel economy is pretty good though, as you should get an average return of around 40mpg and up – depending on how much you hoon it. The Fiesta ST may be the better track day option, but the 208 GTi can still hold its own on a twisty road – and it will certainly go down in the history books as a great, competent hot hatch. And if you are a younger driver that wants to pitch a car to your parents and hide its beast lying beneath the surface – then this might be right up your street. Thanks for read Peugeot 208 GTI 2016 Review.