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Knowledge About Stone Crusher Machine

Knowledge About Stone Crusher Machine - Stone crusher machine is a development tool that is quite important role. Stone crusher machine is also a tool that is included in the classification of heavy equipment. In this era of rock breaking machine is needed to foster the development of a fast enough. The following two types of stone crushers commonly used by contractors and builders.

Stone Crusher Machine Type

Stone Crusher Jaw Type

Solver of this type is the type most widely used for primary solver (primary crusher). This type is effectively used for sedimentary rocks till the loudest rock such as granite and basalt. The shape of the tool is as jaw clamp with two plates are one of the license plate is located at a fixed position while the other plate moves are driven by one (single) or two (double) drive shaft (toggle) as hammer. 

Activator is used for breaking first single and dual drive for the second breaker. This plate is made of manganese steel and can be changed, you know. so do not be afraid that one day his plate is damaged or eroded because of the rocks. For the price, jaw crusher single drive lower 20% - 40% of the price of the double drive, the shape is more severe but short, and high production capacity. dual drive the price is relatively more expensive and are used to break down the abrasive stone such as quartz.

Stone Crusher Gyratory Type

Rock breaker type gyratory cone which has a spin move and sway fluctuate with varying angles. Conical inner rotating eccentrically. This machine can be used to the abrasive stone, rough and chewy. Weight machines between 5 to 10 times the weight of the jaw breaker types, the price is 3 times more expensive than the kind of jaw breakers. but the higher output generated by producing stone finer than the kind of jaw-breaking results, in addition to the breaking of this type can handle a variety of stone size, energy-efficient and can handle wet rock and a little bubbly.

Similarly, the discussion of stone-crushing machine. Hopefully useful Electronic And Mechanic And you can be a reference knowledge.