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How to Take Care Car Radiator

For owners of vehicles, especially cars would already be familiar with this one component. Radiator cooling system components and box-shaped finned-fin serves to cool the engine coolant to remove heat into the air using the fan support. No fins on the radiator serves to increase the surface so that it will speed up the process of releasing heat into the air. Over time and the use of high intensity, it is necessary that the execution of maintenance work of the radiator remains optimal. Unfortunately Caring for Radiator often only be checked for leaks and cooling fluid volume. Yet because of the length of use in the cooling system can emerge rust or dirt buildup. If this is the case then the less will affect the cooling process itself. The process is not optimal cooling will impact on the working of the machine, one machine could be overheating. The worst effects of this overheating symptoms cylinder head can become bent, consequently leaking compression and power drop. If it happens so then you only have two options namely replace with new cylinder head or bring it to a turner. For that of the experience such things, the earlier the better to prevent it instead. Maintenance on the radiator ideally every 20 thousand kilometers done flushing.

Treatment aims radiator with bleach to remove rust or scale present in the cooling system. You also can do it at home because the process is quite easy. Before performing flushing the radiator prepared in advance tools and the danger of a screwdriver and radiator flusher. To perform step flushing the radiator is as follows:

How to Take Care Car Radiator

Radiator flush

  • Turn the engine between 2-3 minutes for encrusted dirt could slightly raised. When the engine is too long then the temperature and pressure of water in the system will increase, so it is quite dangerous.
  • Open the radiator cap. To maintain safety then use a damp towel to remove the radiator cap.
  • Open the plug at the bottom of the radiator with the help of a screwdriver to drain the coolant.
  • After draining all the coolant cap back on the plug and pour the radiator flusher.
  • Replace the radiator cap and turn the engine between 2-3 minutes.
  • Make the process 2-5 times with water but, my goal is to flush the radiator flusher along the existing dirt.
  • The latter drain the water in the system and pour the new coolant water.

How to care for a radiator by flushing well above the expected dirt in the radiator and in the other components can be lost so it will expedite the cooling process.