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Specifications and How it Works Stone Crusher Machine

Stone crusher machine is industrial or mining tool that is often used to soften or grind or crush stone can say quite large and also marble, aluminum, asphalt, iron, coal, plastics, and so on. This machine is capable of destroying the material that has a hard texture that with this machine easier to crush rock tersebut.dan when in view the development of the times, certainly a lot of things given and also on offer from the many companies that make these stone-crushing machine. and to kind of - kind of the image of the rock breaking machine is:

Simlpe Stone Crusher Pic By Google

Stone crusher can be divided based on the workings of the instrument. In destroying the material, especially rock. Gyratory, jaw crusher, roll crusher and crusher is working to put pressure on the rock. While the impact crusher works crush rocks with a high speed collision. Generally jaw crusher is used as primary crusher whereas other types of products are used as secondary crusher if the desired results have not correspond to the primary crusher. 

Specifications Of Stone Crusher Machine

  1. Jaw Crusher. This species is the most important types used by the mining and chemical industries. Strength and pressure of the tool is also very high, reaching 320 MPa. Every 8 hours of this tool is capable of producing up to ten cubic for the small size. The price is in the range of $ 6126.05  depending on the size as well.
  2. Gratory. The Company will provide a price when we contacted the company and by the way chat.
  3. Roll Crusher. This crusher works by rotary roller. Her rpm speed somewhat lower than the impact crusher which is about 300 rpm. With more power production. The engine work is strongly influenced by the type and quality of materials / materials, which will be used roller gear, fly wheel, size shafts. All of this must be tailored to the target amount of production and raw materials. Generally roll crusher is used to crush material with hardness and ductility are somewhat lower as cement, copper ore, limestone, coal, and so on. This tool can not stand alone. He had to get help from other equipment in the previous stage.

How it Works a Simple Stone Crusher Machine

Setting up the tools that we will use and determined how large size rock that we want and the size of the hole size stone crusher.
1. Prepare to be crushed stone machine.
2. Turn on the machine
3. Enter the stone into the tool bit by bit.
4. When inserting a stone into tools seek stone size does not exceed the size of the hole stone-crushing machine.
5. Once the stone is inserted into the tool closes the hole to insert the stone with cover to avoid fractional
stone thrown out tool.
6. Once the crushed stone accommodated in the space provided.
7. For optimal results, it is necessary to note the size of the stones that will be included and the size of the hole in stone crusher machine.

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