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Old Car Care

Care for older cars are certainly more extras than a new car. Machines that have long and vintage appearance makes you have to actively take care of to keep it comfortable to drive and eye-catching. Although old, but no one liked because of the unique design of the old car. In fact, there are old cars that are more expensive than a new car. So, how does that old car still okay?

Car engine which has been vulnerable because it is used more than the 10 years need extra nutrition in the form of oil. In order to remain a reliable dna does not go down the machine should change the oil if it has exceeded 2,500 km. if not feared would damage the engine area and drag.

You also need to replace the old cable cars with new ones. Old cable feared causing a short-circuit due to its insulating layer is thin. Blisters on the cable will cause your old car broke down in the middle of the road. Danger is not it? Therefore, you should regularly check the cable that is already using.

Keep the legs of an old car like a rubber stabilizer, arm bushings, tie rod and ball joint. Make sure all under normal conditions. If not then your car will certainly play a strange sound. In order for an old car seat you have keep it clean, use the extra seat is quite thick. Additional seat or seat cover will prevent the original upholstery from dirt as tumbah foods, dust, and pollution. Additional seat will make your old car still looks beautiful though actually been using. When dijualpun higher price.

Old Car Care Engine

So that the engine remains smooth do a tune up on a regular basis or when you feel the engine is degraded. You can do a tune up yourself or take it to a repair shop. When a tune up the car engine will be cleaned and checked his health as a check-up in humans. Tune up will ensure your car's engine is always in good health.

If you travel a lot during the day or park them in a hot place, you should install a car wax or paint cover. The goal is that the color of the car is not obsolete. Choose workshop which can perform waxing properly so paint your car will last longer. Treatment is wrong when waxing will cause the paint and cover easily fade, even less than 2 years.

For home treatment can be done in a light like a car wash, oil change periodically, and clean the inside of the car. When regularly perform car maintenance, it has an old age will not reduce driving comfort. In fact, your old car will be unique and high value and not less than new cars in the streets.

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