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Slide Door Car Maintenance Tips

Slide Door Car Maintenance Tips. The car has a sliding door is very practical, we can easily open the door even in narrow places though. Treatment is quite simple sliding doors, but not necessarily be ignored. One of the reasons manufacturing opt for this type of car sliding door MPV is due to ease of access to the cabin. With the door mechanism itself, can be electrically or manually. Here are some tips that you can use to take care of your car sliding doors:

Slide Door Car Maintenance Tips

  • Note the condition of rails, use a clean cloth that has been sprayed with cleaning fluid (lubricant spray) to remove impurities and residual lubricant
  • Once the rails are cleaned, basting with fat rails or wear lubricants that contain paraffin paste
  • Forward backing door a few moments, if the door audible noise, the less bearing lubrication.
  • Clean bearing contact with the rails

The workings of the car for easy sliding door closed after the handle is operated, so do not need a lot of energy to move, if too often slam, hook mechanism can be short-lived. Similarly tips from us Electronic And Mechanic about Slide Door Car Maintenance Tips, may be useful.