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Maintenance And Storing Away The Trailer Hitch

In this segment, I want to talk about maintenance and storing away the trailer hitch. If you're going to leave it on the vehicle, it's a really good idea to get a lock pin. They make these pins-this one's not one of them. They make one that is locking. You can purchase it at most stores. And what happens is, is when you stick it in this hole here, this pin would be a locking pin, and no one would be able to remove it. Which is really important, because, if you just leave your boat sitting out front somewhere, they could actually disconnect this, along with the chains, and just connect it to their vehicle, and drive off with your boat. Or they could take this piece, which is not cheap. It's $50-100 for the insert piece here.
Maintenance And Storing Away The Trailer Hitch

They could take that with them, as well. Some people put tennis balls over the ball to protect their knees, and also to keep from getting grease on your leg, if you happen to run into it. I don't really think it prevents much rust. And, you may, if you're concerned about rust, this all could be bare metal after a lot of uses, you could probably cover it in WD-40 or re-paint it, which is a good idea. Just throw some fresh black paint over the top of it. If you're going to take this out and store it inside, which I suggest, when you're not using it, you can buy inserts that go into here. There's all different kinds of inserts. 

There's some that have brake lights in them, for a fourth brake light, which is pretty nice. You have some with logos, if your favorite college team or maybe if you drive a Ford, it says, "Ford." So, there's several different kind of options you've got, as far as filling this hole and personalizing your vehicle.