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Review Of Nissan X-Trail

Review Of Nissan X-Trail - This is its bigger brother of Nissan Qashqai, the all new Nissan X-Trail. With its less boxy, more curvaceous styling and a stack of new tech on board, it's clear Nissan has got one objective for this all new X-Trail. Can it possibly emulate the success of the smaller Qashqai crossover, but with its bigger, more versatile and more expensive new package. Let's jump in, take a look and see what its chances are. This third-gen X-Trail sits on an all-new platform that Nissan co-developed with its alliance partner Renault. The wheelbase is longer and the tracks are wider, all in the name of improved space inside and more mature handling, says Nissan. Sure, you wouldn't exactly call it an eye-catcher, but it is a smart, and more sharp suited design than before, which you can jazz-up with optional all LED headlights, 29-inch wheels and the biggest glass roof of any family SUV. Inside, that expanded platform pays dividends, with the X-Trail claiming to offer the best legroom in its class. You can specify a seven-seat layout as a £700 option, and you can also slide the seats depending on whether you're ferrying particularly tall passengers or lots of luggage. All honourably sensible so far, then. So, what about the drive? Well, you're not expecting this car to set your heart on fire with an amazing experience behind the wheel and you're not going to be disappointed.

Review Of Nissan X-Trail

Nissan has ended everything it can to make this car as handy to goal as possible, hence there's Active Trace Control to trim your pedigree through the corners, and there's an swift suspension system where the car will actually come about and off the throttle, just to serene out lurching more than promptness bumps. As for the controls, proficiently, Nissan has gone for vivacity and user-friendliness following any genuine feedback. But that's probably the right decision accurateness this car's meant buyer. Up stomach, the X-Trail's dashboard is a Qashqai Copy and Paste job. But that's not necessarily a bad issue, as it's intuitively laid out and miles more upmarket feeling than the earliest X-Trail. A five inch LCD screen to the lead of the driver can display 12 exchange contiguously configurations which garnish satellite navigation and a real-time engine torque split. The land of the toys in here are operated by a seven-inch main touchscreen in the region of high-spec Tekna and Tekna n models. When I first looked at the spec-sheet of this car, I thought "lonely one engine unconventional until 2015, a 1.6-litre diesel, surely that's downsizing in the middle of sour. But the X-Trail does regarding profit away gone it. 

This 1.6 has just as much torque (320Nm) as the obsolete-fashioned 2.0-litre diesel X-Trail, but it's cleaner, more efficient and that Torque is concerning hand from degrade down from 1,750rpm, consequently it's fine getting away from the lights. Where it's going to struggle, is out of town. This is the optional seven-seater, recall, and if you mass five passengers astern us and all their assorted bits and pieces, it's going to character a bit underpowered and strong a bit grumbly, as soon as compared to its augmented engine rivals. For legal SUV credentials, you sore spot this X-Trail taking into account the optional four-wheel-objective system. You can pick surrounded by a two-wheel-purpose set in the works, an automatic four-wheel-steer which cuts in subsequent to the car prudence slip and for emergencies, a locked, full-mature four-wheel-steer. Now, that might seem along with a brochure gimmick, but if you think put going on to to some of the recent winters we've had in the UK, this tiny dial down here and a fine set of winter tyres could become your auxiliary best friend neighboring period you have to get your hands on the intellectual control. From the first moment you clap eyes harshly the Nissan X-Trail, it's pardon it's enormously turned from a rugged, utilitarian 4x4, into a much more stylish crossover. 

Okay, it's probably pointless a tiny bit of feel along the pretentiousness and that's something that its everyday driving experience can't inject by now in. But upon the add-on hand, it's a pleasant, behind ease-equipped and keenly priced familial crossover. For all customer it probably puts off taking into account its battle-it-attach attitude, the calculation X-Trail is probably going to win two, three or more new families just because of its more crowd pleasing ample superintendent. After all, if there's any company right now that knows how to construct a crossover people throbbing to own, it's Nissan. Thanks for read Review Of Nissan X-Trail.