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Review Of Peugeot 208

Review Of Peugeot 208 - Peugeot claims that this added 110bhp 1.2-litre petrol can talk to the play in of a 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol. At first we was a little sceptical until we put my foot by the side of, subsequently we thought hang upon this is pleasurable. Theres frightful quantity of low beside torque, considering summit pulling completion delivered in as regards half the revs of the naturally-aspirated 1.2-litre, and there isnt actually much turbo lag, meaning acceleration is serene through the gears. Speaking of gears, weve got the EAT6 automatic transmission, although a directory is understandable, and this is mild sufficient, it utterly keeps going on taking into account any curveballs and overtaking manoeuvres you toss at it. This version emits CO2 of 104g/km, so it costs the same to tax as the naturally-aspirated model, and it claims to return an average of 63mpg. The new 1.2 claims a zero to 62mph sprint time of 9.8 seconds, but like most other three-cylinder turbos, it actually feels a bit faster than it appears on paper. Yes it still has the raspy engine note of a three-cylinder, but at least you get some performance in return. Other aspects of its drive remain unchanged, including its comfortable suspension and light steering which is fine for A to B driving, but nowhere near as engaging as a Mazda2 or Ford Fiesta. 

Review Of Peugeot 208

Right, back to the new GT Line trim. As you saw from the outside it adds a new grille and alloys with some red splashed on them, as well as a chrome exhaust and folding door mirrors. The red from the outside seeps through to the inside as well with detailing on the doors, this cool strip on the seatbelt and you actually get some fairly sporty bucket-style seats, not quite bucket seats, but they are certainly worth noting. Other GT Line kit includes dual zone climate control and all-round electric windows. We’ve also got the optional sat-nav system which sits in the middle of the 208’s decluttered dash – and for those who haven’t heard of Peugeot’s decluttering, they have basically hoovered all of the buttons off the dashboard and plonked them in this touchscreen system, which works really well. A few notes on convenience and comfort, there’s a very small glovebox, due to the fuse box being in there, decent-sized door bins, a rather outdated cruise control toggle and a shrunken steering wheel, which I’m not usually a fan of, but in this leather-wrap we actually found myself enjoying it. 

Considering how airy the cabin is, the rear is actually quite cramped, we mean leg room is okay, but headroom is very limited. And when it comes to rear storage the rear seats leave a bit of a hump when you fold them down and with them in place there is only 285 litres of storage space which is slightly behind the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio. So this new GT Line model certainly makes the 208 look sporty, so Peugeot’s ticked that box. But it is going to cost you, £16,000 and upwards in fact, or if you go for our model with a few optional extras, over £17,500 – almost makes you wonder, maybe we should just go for the £19,000 GTi, or for £2,000 less than that, a Ford Fiesta ST. But like we said, Peugeot has certainly accomplished what it set out to do and the GT Line is an attractive addition to the range. The new three-cylinder turbo is very impressive as well and we think it is a worthy rival to the likes of Ford’s EcoBoost and Vauxhall’s ecoFLEX. Thanks for read Review Of Peugeot 208.