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All-New JCB 457 Review

All-New JCB 457 Review - The all-new JCB 457 Wheeled Loading Shovel will improve your productivity, profitability and safety. We set out three years ago to instil a common logic, a recognisable JCB feel, and consistently high quality in every JCB Cab and this new 457 will have the very first Command Plus cab to go into production. With every other JCB model set to receive its own variant in the next couple of years. We’ve created a full 13% more room in the new 457 Command Plus cab. We’ve also radically redesigned the steering column so that it’s fully adjustable as standard. With a memory reset and foldaway park feature. It's noise levels are the quietest in class, Cab pressurisation has been increased to keep out more dust, and our improved demisting feature will lead to faster start-up times. A key feature of Command Plus is the new Command driving position, devised to optimise the relationship between seating, controls and steering. Switchgear on the new JCB 457 is grouped intelligently on the A-pillar, with enhanced switch feel and clearer icons. We tested the new seat extensively for the optimum design of supportive cushions and innovative materials. Offering the best balance of slip, grip and breathing. Controls are now seat mounted electro-hydraulic units. 

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Low on effort, high on ergonomics All of the main cab plastic is now injection moulded so that it is tougher, more scuff resistant, easier to clean and has a higher quality finish. With MTU we’ve brought you a truly cutting edge engine. Which delivers 4% more power, and 6% more torque. It is optimised to match the ZF driveline. Allowing the operator to reduce the working speed by up to 200 rpm. The overall payoff is 16% lower fuel consumption. Lower in cab noise, and reduced operator fatigue. No DPF treatment needed to meet Tier 4 final legislation means lower servicing costs and no fuel burning regeneration is necessary. The base engine has been rig and machine tested for a hundred million kilometres. 

Servicing is made easy by the introduction of a single piece bonnet, allowing great all round access. Externally the re-styled tapered rear end gives good visibility and the wider wheel arches keep dirt away from the body work and windows. Be in no doubt – this is a truly innovative machine. The all-new 457 Wheeled Loading Shovel, enhancing productivity, profitability and safety, all from JCB. Thanks for read All-New JCB 457 Review.