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Suspension System

Suspension System Knowledge

Suspension is a collection of individual components serves to reduce shock, vibration that occurs in the vehicle due to uneven road surface which can enhance driving comfort and safety. suspension location in between the body (skeleton) with wheels. There are two main types of suspension are:
The suspension system dependent or axle suspension system
Independent suspension system or free suspension system.

Suspension system dependent

The wheels in the axle shaft connected by stiff (rigid), the rigid shaft is connected to the body with the use of springs, shock absorbers and control arm (control arm)
Initially all vehicles using this system. Until now the majority of heavy vehicles such as trucks, still use this system, while commercial vehicles generally use this system on the rear wheels.

Independent suspension system

Between the wheels in one axis are not directly connected, each wheel (left and right wheels) is connected to the body or frame to the suspension arm (suspension arm), springs and shock absorbers. The shaking or vibration in one of the wheels does not affect the other wheel.
Generally passenger vehicles using this system at all wheel axles, while commercial vehicles generally use this system on the front wheel while the rear axle suspension system uses dependent on the rear axle. MacPherson strut type and double-wishbone included in these types of systems.

The main components

With the elastic properties of the spring, the spring serves to receive a wheel vibration or shock as a result of road conditions in order for the vibration or shaking of the wheel is not menyalur to the body or frame of the vehicle.

Some type of spring used in the suspension system:
Screw spring (coil spring), also known as the 'coil', the type used is a spring or spring-loaded screw threaded tap to accept the compressive load.

Leaf spring
Commonly used on heavy or commercial vehicles with a suspension system dependent.

Torsion spring or a spring known as torsion bars (torsion bar spring), commonly used on vehicles with a load is not too heavy.

Shock absorber
Main article for this section are:
Shock absorber
Shock absorbers serve to dampen shock loads or shock or vibration spring is received.

Suspension arm
Suspension arm or suspension arm is only found in the dependent suspension system, mounted on the body or frame of the vehicle, the framework serves to hold the wheels of the vehicle. Complex movement of the wheels to move in sync with the movement of the suspension arms are on the binding arm ball joint suspension with the wheel frame.