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Tire Care Tips

Tire Care

The role of the tire is very vital for every vehicle. tires to be the only component of the vehicle which is in contact with the track surface (asphalt). That requires special care. Ban also can determine your comfort driving. What should we do to take care of the tires?

If the tire is not treated properly, it will make the tire life is getting shorter. Agus Sarsito, Technical Service Department  Bridgestone Tire Corporation has special tips for taking care of the tires to be more durable and enjoy your ride.

1. Make sure the tires are used in accordance with the wheels on the vehicle.

2. Pay attention to the wind pressure. Because the wind pressure is the life of the car and the wheel itself. Checking tire pressure can be performed at least once a month.

3. The condition of the used tires must often seen her condition, if there is a defect in the tire.

4. Do not let the tire over the edge at the tire wear on the line. Under such circumstances the tire can not throw water well and hydroplaning effects occur (front tire is difficult to control the current passing through puddles). Categorized tire has a bowel movement at 50 liters per second in speed of 60 miles per hour.

5. Should do balancing and tire spooring routinely to those skilled in the tire rotates. If the tires are not balanced, it can damage other components such as suspension laterol rod and ball joint. It is also to pay attention to the level of wheel wear. It was done in order to reduce cabin noise levels.

6. If possible, use nitrogen wind to make it more durable tire life. Because the boiling point of nitrogen is very low so the tires are not easy to heat. In comparison, when the wind always with nitrogen through the streets in a hot area, the usual wind increased wind pressure 5 psi, while the nitrogen remained normal wind.

7. These also determine the wear rate of the tire. Tires are passing character smooth asphalt or road, would make a better level of tire wear. Because when the tires often clash, will cause bumps that make the relatively short life of the tire.