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4 Wheel Drive System

4-wheel drive (four-wheel drive 4WD or 4X4 abbreviated) is the term used on vehicles that have a driving force on all four wheels. Vehicle which has a capacity of 4 × 4 aims to gain sufficient traction in all road conditions, for example, for use in rugged terrain such as steep climbs, slippery roads or muddy roads, usually this kind of vehicle type jeep or SUV.

Ways of working

On vehicles with 4-wheel drive, the machine is connected to the center differential (transfer case) that divides the power to the rear wheels and front wheels. Because when using 4-wheel drive, the machine can higher energy use, usually only used 4-wheel drive only when needed, to turn over certain buttons or levers.

Models and types

Based on the model and type, can be grouped as follows:

  • Part time. Operation 4WD only at certain times according to road conditions.
  • Full time. 4WD is always plugged in all road conditions.
  • Manual. 4WD activation is done mechanically by shaking a certain lever. In some types of vehicles even need to be rotated as the wheel axles.
  • Automatic. 4WD activation is done by the (semi-automatic) or a specific sensor (full automatic).

In its application, various vehicles combine all four models or types mentioned above.

Driver of the vehicle has an important role in the stability and traction. Good mover system will have the stability and traction control are good. But it all depends on the terrain where the vehicle is used. For example, a vehicle with Computerized All whell drive, it will not mean much when the driving grandparents in the city full of jam. No best drive system, there is a drive system in accordance with the functions and field's his best. But it never hurts to understand some type of vehicle propulsion, making it easier to understand when buying a vehicle.

Principles and workings of the drive system is to deliver and distribute power from primemover (engine or electric motor or a combination in between) to each wheel (or wheels only). Proper distribution of power it will have an impact on the power of effective and efficient, which ultimately will make the vehicles become more efficient. Thanks For Read Electronic And Mechanic.