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Avoiding Rust In Car

The rainy season has arrived. For those of you who use the car as a means of transportation daily activities would have to be vigilant. In addition to flooding, rust in certain parts of the car is a serious issue that needs to be watched. Because, if there is rust just a point, if left unchecked will continue to grow and be part of that experience porous. "When the car is porous, the cost of repair would be more expensive. Meanwhile, if you want to sell value will be diminished,"

According to experts, rust on the car occurs when parts made of metal exposed to water, especially rain, and not immediately rinsed. "Because rain water containing acid element. This element is corrosive to metals, especially iron," he said. Meanwhile, in an area that contains many pollutants SO2 and NOx pollutants mainly make rain water pH below 5.6, so that the high acidity. Therefore as early as possible to prevent corrosion becomes a necessity, especially in the rainy season.

What should be done to prevent it? Here's the explanation

1. Immediately close the wound in the body of the car.
If you find there are wounds in the body, such as dents or scratches that cause the paint to peel, immediately close the wound. The trick, use a special paint that is sold in a car paint shop. "But before the patch with the paint used to clean with gasoline or spirit so that bacteria do not multiply rust under the paint surface,"

2. Immediately wash the car after rain.
Other measures to prevent rust is washing the car after rain washed cars on the streets. Strive to use a special shampoo car with low pH levels. Rinse thoroughly and then dry with a clean cloth. Do not forget to wash the inside of spartboard and under the car. Do not occasionally put off washing the car. "Although only one day, rust bacteria have begun to emerge in the car injured. At least there will be mushroom water across the surface of the body,".

3. Avoid parking in a humid place.
If you are injured in car parts made of metal, should avoid parking in a humid place. The element of water in the air as it would be very easy to be a medium for the growth of bacteria rust. "Make sure the parking in the parking lot were dry but cool,"

4. Use protective rust.
In certain parts of the car are often exposed to water or dirt, preferably coated with a liquid stainless back. Indeed, every car manufacturer has a car coat with stainless stamping or printing when the car body. However durability against corrosion layer is limited or decreased with the age of the car. Because it is not rare car dealers offer the buyer an additional stainless products with costs ranging from $ 105, depending on the type of car. But you can also do it yourself coat the parts of the car with stainless liquid sold in the market. The price is quite cheap, starting at $ 10.

"The way is also quite spray into the parts to be coated. Today many brands from various countries which are sold in the country,"

5. Check the rubber trim car.
In addition to the body part injured or scratched, rust on the car are also often appear in the parts that go unnoticed. It happened due to water seepage on the sidelines due to the rubber trim glass door that was closed. Therefore check the rubber trim before it rains the earth every day. Similarly, the rubber balloon in the inner door leaf. "If there is a meeting, rain water can enter and seep into the car deck. The water was not in the deck that could potentially lead to rust,"

6. Use the accessory rust prevention.
Fit a wide variety of accessories to prevent rust, eg mudguard or mud guard on spakboard. Attach carpet car deck of a plastic material. Carpet of plastic will prevent water-borne into the cabin when passengers or the driver got into the car after stepping in a puddle outside seeps into the deck. When it occurs, the onset of rust just a matter of time.

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