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Caring Electrical In Car

New and old cars can not be separated from healthy electricity. Like blood in the human body, electricity hold an important contribution in the performance of the engine and other equipment. Just a little off guard, can create favorite car broke down on the road. Even making made by burned due to short circuit or shorted.

Still fresh in the memory like the Toyota Yaris or BMW 3 series burning on the highway or the Honda Freed is suddenly shorted due to water droplets after installation of window film. Should look trivia relating to electricity from the cable, the socket connection to the battery as a container for the stun of the alternator. Although invisible to the eye, electricity can be dissected as necessary repairs. Electrical safety, bed was comfortable.

Caring Electrical In Car and Get The Comfortable

Just like cell phone batteries, battery is a source of electrical power a car. Adjusting need a car (alternator) is used, the battery size. Starting from 45 amperes to 120 amperes.

Each battery has a room (bulkhead) containing tin plates and acid as a conductor. If the battery is dropped, the performance of the machine and other devices is also declining. Soon a new change to the cost of Rp 400 thousand to $ 1.5 million depending on the brand, type and amperage great.

Commonly called generators. A car equipped with a fast-power plant from 45 to 120 amperes. With voltage 12 volts, the power generated can support the electrical system of the car.

Alternator consists of a rotating coil and magnetic sensor has a circuit breaker. Perform periodic servicing every 100 thousand kilometers to ensure carbon brass in a fit condition.

When you are short of new replaced with replacement costs ranging from USD 7-20 thousand. Late caring, could tails alternator assembly replacement cost ranging from $ 75 to 200, depending on the type and the type of car.

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