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Cause Temperature Fast Car Engine Heat

Rapid temperature heat engine is the condition of the car that can not be taken lightly, because it becomes a sign of disturbance in the cooling system components such as the water pump, radiator and cooling fan.

There is some possibility that the culprit of the problem. The first possibility is the condition of the radiator cap which has been inadequate. Try checking these components, particularly rubber / seal. If you've seen brittle, should be replaced because the rubber will withstand water pressure increases when the engine starts. If the condition of the radiator cap is not good, the water in the radiator will come out as a result of these pressures.

The second possibility is causing rapid engine temperature heat is leaking radiator which is often not seen in a cold engine (unless the leak is severe enough). A small leak will be visible when the engine is hot, that is to make sure it is worth noting the trace leaks in the form of former brown water flow dries.

A third possibility is dirt or rust clogging the radiator. If allowed to stand, it would disrupt the flow of cooling water and automatic making machine heat faster. To avoid this, regularly drain the radiator and coolant should use substances that are generally equipped with stainless. When draining the radiator, check the channels that are connected to the radiator. Make sure the parts in a clean condition.

Last possibility, examine whether the fan belt is still functioning properly. As for the electric fan, whether these components work properly when the engine temperature reaches a specified threshold. Disturbances in these components could have occurred on the switch and electric propulsion.

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