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Characteristic Of Hydraulic Excavators

An Important Characteristic of Hydraulic Excavators are:

In general, the use of power, diesel engine and full hydraulic system. Excavating operation is the most efficient method of heel and toe (tip and base), starting from the top surface to the bottom. The top can rotate (swing) 360 degrees.
In a back hoe configuration, the size of the boom is longer so the range further, but smaller bucket. This does not mean lower production, because it can swing round a smaller mean its shorter cycle time / faster.

On the other configuration is loading shovels, usually shorter boom, but the larger bucket, excavation surface height is higher, short outreach altitude higher load, cycle time longer swing. This does not mean lower production, because of its large bucket is greater than the back hoe.
Excess excavator is able to distribute the load evenly to all parts of the vessel. That is easier to set up so that the dump truck load can be balanced.
Usually back hoe on his bucket Komatsu small, such as a PC 300 down, while the loading shovel, bucket bigger as the PC 400 and above.

Factors to be considered in the selection of excavators are:

Her bucket capacity, working conditions, can be dug in areas soft to hard, but. not the native soil in the form of hard rock.
When the hard rock blasting or ripping needs to be done first. For hard ground, when the operator has less skill can. resulting in excessive hydraulic pressure. This results in damage or short-age tools.
High surface excavation for back hoe can reach 6 meters, for loading shovel can reach 10 meters. Mobility is quite good, because it uses a track shoe hydraulic actuated, but it does not mean being able to walk away, it could lead to heat at a travel bike. Because of its long journey, every 1 km needed to stop about 10 minutes. Field able to work rather narrow area though (less than 25 meters) depending on the type dumptruck used.
A work surface that is less baikpun (flaccid) is still able to operate, if necessary, can use the help of a working basis logs are laid out although very soft soil underneath. The efficiency of the tool is highly influenced by operator skill and mechanical quality.