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Safe Driving at Night

Given the quality of the lighting in the evening on the road is not good and your concentration power also tends to decrease, you certainly should try to be more careful while driving a vehicle. Because, the darkness of night can increase the risk of accidents are already high. Especially in the rain, with visibility shorter so it will be more dangerous for you. To cope with the things that are not desirable, try to follow the tips below.

  • Clean the glass window. Make sure the entire windshield is always clean so that your vision or clear visibility. For that, make sure the container of windshield cleaner always filled, so you can clean the glass at any time. To be better for cleaning, use a cleaning additive which is able to remove the dirt that sticks to the windshield.
  • Fix the spotlight. The headlights are not optimal in the vehicle could endanger road safety. For example, if the position of headlights are pointing up, it can dazzle the driver of the car from the opposite direction. Do the right lamp position adjustment in the workshop that can do the job.
  • Improve the quality of lighting. To maximize lighting car, replace a conventional bulb with a type of high intensity discharge lighter. Several types of bulbs are fitted with low beam lighting is better, especially when the weather is less friendly. But you should also equipped with a relay that electric current in accordance with the required car.
  • Clean car. Because, the surface of the paint on the car body clean can reflect light better than a dirty car. You can also attach reflective tape on the bumpers, and side molding that can optimize visibility around the car. So that other motorists can keep a distance with your car better and carefully.
  • Clear glass headlights. Dirty headlights will not emit light optimally, especially when it rains. Should be cleaned with a damp cloth and then dry with a dry cloth. You can also clean with glass cleaner so that the result is perfect.
  • Avoid dark window film. We recommend using the darkness of window film that 'reasonable', for the sake of the safety factor driving at night. Ideally, the darkness is no more than 40% to the side and rear glass, and no more than 20% for the windshield.
Still keep you safe day or night. Follow along tips from Electronic And Mechanic.