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Sand Sieve Machine

Sand sieve machine is a type of machine that is used to filter and separate the sand from the other particles. These machines are usually used in the mining industry such as oil drilling, allowing the results obtained oil has been separated from the sand. There also are using this machine in a smaller-scale mining. Here, sieving machine serves as a divider between the mineral with sand particles.

Sand sifter machine is made of metal with varying sizes depending on the intended use. A machine may be only able to sift the sand of the cart together, but machine B can sift the number of infinite capacity as well.

The most frequent use of this machine can be found in the mining of petroleum and natural gas. Here, the machine used generally have a very large diameter. This allows oil and natural gas can be directly filtered while ensuring the rest of the sand can get out on the planned path. With this principle, the particles can be prevented from entering the wrong place, where it can slow down the production process.

Sand Sieve Machine General

In general, sand sifter machine is made of stainless steel so that the anti-rust and conditions can be maintained. Stainless steel tends to be more resistant when exposed to natural gas or crude oil. This enables them to resist chemical corrosion and ensure a long-life.

Sieving the sand is usually categorized according to the size of the hole (mesh) has. Selection mesh for sifting process must be done carefully in accordance with the particle size, volume, and flow of oil to be processed. Large mesh size which allows the amount of sand that comes out of the machine will be more. Whereas, if the mesh is too small, it could be actually slow down the mining process because the sand will be difficult to get out of the sieve.

In the world, the use of this machine in addition to the mining industry is also widely used in building material industry. In this place, the machine serves as a sieving sand to be classified according to the quality and smoothness.

There are 2 types of sand sieving machine when differentiated according to how it works, among others:

Vibrating Screen: The machine moves to the circumferential direction at the same time filter sand in it.
Vibrating Feeder: The machine vibrates and moves slowly. Results vibration causes the sand filter bouncing and falling underneath.