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Avoid Oil Leakage

Perhaps among you all there ever leaking engine oil. Although this may seem trivial but definitely very annoying is not it? The condition of the oil that leaked out faster than making oil can also adversely affect your machine. For that you need to immediately address the oil leak as soon as possible.

So another way to cope with oil leakage of course is to avoid it not to happen. Because the engine oil leaks can be caused by many things, at least you should know how to get around so that no oil leaks.

Upon learning of the oil leak, immediately do penggantiap seal tape contained in the closed valve so that the oil does not constantly dripping.

Other way when doing oil changes, try to condition your engine in cold conditions so the oil does not easily seep. do not forget you also have to regularly change the oil on a regular basis so that your vehicle remains durable and comfortable ride.