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How to Wash Cars

Dirty car would be the disease every car. Dirty car causing cool shape of the car body is covered by the dust that enveloped the car. If you are on a long journey with your car and pass through rugged terrain sure your car will be very dirty. Required proper ways to wash the car so that it becomes shiny and components in the car remains safe.
During this often misunderstood one in the right way to wash your car. As an example how to wash a car engine by spraying or in the steam was very dangerous for the car. If by washing like that, then the engine could be a short-circuit or explode.

How to Wash Cars

How to wash a car with the right there are 4 steps in it. That car wash the outside, the inside, Engineering, and Tires. If this entire process is done correctly then your car is certainly more confident for the shot in the Streets. Car is an object made of some material that is plastic, rubber, and metal. Components that most of them use paint materials. As we know the paint is very sensitive chemicals. For the correct way to wash your car would need specific ways in every part of the car so that cleaning becomes maximum. Errors in the little car cleaning can damage the car or washing be not as we expected. Let us refer here we give you tips on how to wash the car properly:

Ways Car Wash Exterior

  1. Make sure you spray water in advance of the hose for 15 seconds, to clean up the remnants of chlorine and chemicals that have the potential to damage the paint
  2. Close the first window and door tightly
  3. Then we start step by washing the car properly is by spraying water from a hose to the car body to clean dust and sand attached to the car body. Squirt it is important, because if we direct the car body scrub dust and sand can scratch the paint.
  4. Buy special cleaners for cars, do not use detergent carelessly because it can damage the paint of your car. Detergents and waxes can also be used to wash the car. Wax will make the car paint shinier.
  5. Then use a clean sponge to wash the car. Car wash with a sponge starting with the roof.
  6. You should avoid washing the car when the sun is directly shining on the car. Because the water droplets will be for sun lens to focus light on the paint.
  7. Wash thoroughly, do not let the soap left on the paint to dry. Because of the chemicals contained in soaps can damage the car paint.
  8. Then wipe the car using a special cloth that is clean and lint. Make sure there is no oil or sand attached to the lap because it has the potential to damage the paint.

How to wash Car Interior

  1. For the correct way to wash your car interior parts, you do not need plenty of water, a little soapy water to rinse the interior of the car using a sponge / cloth. The interior was dirty dirty car is usually caused by stains left by palms, shoes, food, and drinks.
  2. Do not use bleach detergent to clean the inside of the car.
  3. Leave the car door open to facilitate the process of evaporation that occurs.

How to wash Automobile Parts Engines

  1. We are entering the most sensitive part of the car is the engine. How to wash a car properly for this machine parts needed right way and carefully. In it there are parts of the machine that the machine should not be exposed to water as part acu, cable, and sensors. Make sure you clean the machine with the flow of water that is not too hard because part of the spark plug if exposed to water will cause the machine can not be turned on or jammed.
  2. To remove fat or oil attached to the machine, you can use soap or kerosene.

How to Wash Car Tires

  1. Tires are very susceptible to dirt, because tires are automobile components that directly touch the ground. Dirt easily attached to the tire.
  2. To clean the tire rim appropriate use soap. Rim that have a color needs to be washed with soap suitable, while for standard metallic rim. If use soap there are stains that are difficult to clean, use a brush that is fibrous.
  3. If there are stains that are difficult to clean, use a scouring brush.
That's some way to wash your car properly. If you really pay attention to the tips above to wash your car, your car is expected to be clean with no stains and components of your car such as paint and engine durability is maintained. That may Electronic And Mechanic for the correct way to wash this car. It is hoped this car washing tips can be useful for you.