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The Basic Of Hydraulic System

Since the industrial revolution, the development of the industry is progressing very rapidly. A century ago, the industry is still struggling on a yarn to be used as clothing, but in the present, we shall find so many types of industries, even to other industries supporting industries such as animal feed industry that may not be thought of people in antiquity. Besides various types of industries that more and more growing, machinery and equipment used in the industrial world was much developed. Various systems and technology was applied in order to support the need for quick results and quality. One system used is a hydraulic system.

Most people are probably familiar with this hydraulic system as part of the existing systems in automobiles, especially in terms of braking. However, this system turned out to be much more widely used in various fields, such as the mining industry and even in the heavy equipment industry. Hydraulic system itself can be described as a technology that utilizes the properties of the liquid in the line of movement or rotation and other words of this system is the power transfer system that uses a liquid or fluid as the intermediary.

Basic Hydraulic System

This system itself adopts the principle of Archimedes' Law which is currently subject to the pressure of a liquid substance, then the pressure will propagate in all directions without changing either the strength increases and decreases. The function of the fluid used in the hydraulic system itself is as a kind of substance that pressed between parts that will be receiving pressure, in addition, the liquid medium can be used as a successor to the power that flows easily and can lubricate all moving parts. The final function of the hydraulic fluid itself is cool the circulating component parts.