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Knowledge About Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is one system that is widely used in some heavy equipment. One machine that adopting this system is the excavator. Hydraulic system itself is known as one of the systems that use liquid as a basic principle. If the previous chapter we have much to discuss some of the things that happen to a liquid in the process of mobilization of the hydraulic system, then this time we will discuss some of the components that make up the hydraulic system.

To move liquids in a hydraulic system, we certainly need several components combined in such a way that can make the work of the hydraulic system is running as it should. Component coupled to the hydraulic machine itself is quite complicated famous, but that does not mean these components is difficult to discuss. Here are some of the components used in the hydraulic system.

In the hydraulic system itself, we will know the three main units of the components used herein, the power unit, drive unit and control unit as well. This third component units together can drive a variety of equipment such as the excavator arm.

Power Unit

Power unit itself can be referred to as a source of energy that can turn the hydraulic system. This power source can be obtained from a type of hydraulic oil liquid. This power unit has several components such as prime movers, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic tank, and some additional equipment.

First mover component itself usually consists of an electric motor or motor fuel, meanwhile, may consist of a hydraulic pump drive shaft first round that has a function as a player hydraulic pump so that the pump can work properly. Components of the hydraulic tank itself can be used as a cross-section of the hydraulic fluid, the main component that can move various objects, meanwhile, some fittings such as pressure gauge, relief valve and also glass probe can also be used prime movers component units.