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Avoiding Accidents

The increasing number of motor vehicles in the world's population also make increased accident rates. For that every motorist should be able to behave and act carefully while on the highway.

Of accidents often occur can not be denied, there are two main things that determine. The first came from a used vehicle and a second course of the driver itself.

And from these two split into 8 important factor. Because to understand the 8 major factor this in case the driver can avoid an unexpected accident.

8 Tips To Avoiding Accidents

1. Brake System
The first four factors are the technical side on a vehicle. For safety in driving, braking systems on vehicle becomes a major factor. Thus the brake shoes / pads and brake fluid also should be checked regularly. Do not wait for the sound of deafening screech of brakes or also even be relieved when on the brakes. Especially during the rainy season and often face flooding as it is today, the brake system will be easy to get dirty. And if lazy to clean the brake too short lifespan.

2. Wheels
In avoiding the occurrence of traffic accidents, a vehicle must also be supported by good wheel grip. Wheels on vehicle becomes an important factor, because the less traction wheels can be bad. Wheels with brake system will be interconnected. Good quality brake if not supported a good tire is useless, and vice versa. The main daily vehicle tires is to have endurance and the ability to properly dispose of the water as it passes through the wet streets. To improve the performance of the vehicle wheel can make modifications. By replacing the wheels that has a lighter weight than standard, then the stopping power for the vehicle will be slightly helped. For the lighter weight of the vehicle that will help working brake system.

3. Technology
In the development of today's automotive technology manufacturers also compete to provide high levels of security. On vehicles minimal current ABS brake system has been applied. The more expensive vehicle safety features also promoted more complete. From airbag, sensors and radar detection of objects behind and in front of the vehicle even connected with an automatic brake system. Another technology that is very important to avoid accidents are blind spot technology. Unfortunately this technology
still used only a few luxury cars only.

4. Visibility
In driving the driver is required to have good visibility. Because there is rarely an accident that occurred because driver fatigue to impose sleepy to drive. To get a driver's license will be tested only candidate driver vision. In terms of visibility is also supported by the selection of window film on cars or also the selection of glass helmets for motorcyclists. In everyday use either glass or glass films helmet should not have the level of darkness in the top 35 percent.

5. Driving Ability
Easy to obtain a driver's license (SIM) in the world could be one of the level of accidents that occur. This case is also often encountered accidents occur because of the lack of ability to drive vehicles. Driving skils a vehicle driver must have been very important. And even now for the new SIM maker applicant should be mandatory take a test practice. In addition, several automotive communities were also often hold events driving skils that aim to improve the ability to drive a vehicle. In order to have a good driving ability, one thing that must be understood by the rider, which is to understand the character vehicle. For each type and vehicle type has a different character depending on the specifications of the owns. With a basic understanding of the type and the type of vehicle, the driving ability will also tertunjang good.

6. Control of Emotions
A rider can control the vehicle also emotionally charged while driving. Because people are easily ignited emotions while driving proved to be exacerbated the existing traffic. Moreover, as in the large cities of the World is renowned for high levels of congestion. Long jams and hot temperatures could be a combination of a time bomb in a person. For the self-control and understanding of the situation in the drive is essential. If you are able to control emotions well be able to avoid the accident. With the cold of your mind will be able to think clearly and not easy to push vehicle is misplaced because ignited emotional moment.

7. Read Situation
Another important factor that should be owned by the rider is able to read the situation, conditions and movements - movements of other riders. Thus the concentration and focus on the road is also a key demand. One of the examples we have encountered many motorists about to change lanes or turn forgot to sign it first. Of course this makes annoyed riders behind him. But usually, although forgot to sign turn, everyone who wanted to turn will have a mark or characteristic. Starting from the slow pace until the motion - the driver's head movements. From this it is certainly necessary sensitivity another driver who was behind it. However, the most severe when the rider does not have signs and suddenly turn and switch sides. Thus it is also associated with factors to-5.

8. Drugs / Gadgets
The last important factor in avoiding accidents while driving is to avoid the use of drugs and also the influence of alcohol. In the case of these drugs not only on drugs, but also prescription drugs that can cause drowsiness. Furthermore, also the use of gadgets or even mobile phones while driving. Regular driver driving while texting will have a level of hazard is more severe than the driver under the influence of liquor. For the rider who wants to make an important SMS can be pulled earlier than endanger themselves and others.