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How To Clean a Car From Dust

When the dry season arrives, there is one problem that often haunt the owner of the car, which attacks the dust on the surface of the car body.

If you have this, then the uncomfortable feeling immediately ambushed. Moreover, if the dust is just fine dust that arises when the car when parked. The only way to clean up all the dust of that car into a clean look back.

There is a practical way to get the maximum net. That is using a feather duster or duster. Duster is often used to get rid of fine dust without having to wash the car. So that the execution time and energy more efficiently.

But there are some things to consider when cleaning the dust. If the dust was too thick, you should not use a feather duster, just wash with water and soap.

If dust is too thick, cleaning duster will only invite potential fine scratch. Movement sweeping the surface with a dry surface will create dust rubbing against the body. Friction that potentially damaged.

Note also the color of the car. If its dark color, the possibility of fine scratches shaped cobweb (swirl marks) become larger. Thus, you should make sure the surface dust is not too thick.

How To Clean a Car From Dust

The best duster is made from wool. This material is very smooth and effective capture dust. If you have trouble finding are made of wool, can choose microfibre material. This material is quite widely sold in stores tools car care.

That it is not recommended even chicken feathers. In the fur is smooth, very smooth, but the danger comes from the stems that are hard. It is possible to scratch the rod when in contact with the body.

Here are some steps that must be considered when using a duster.
  • Keep The handle of the surface of the body. If the exposed ends of the body, it can scratch the surface.
  • Do Not pressed. Quite a feather duster to wipe the tip of the body surface.
  • Do Movement in one direction. For example, from left to right or vice versa. Back and forth movement is potentially causing the fan-shaped damage.