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Caring For Car Air Conditioner

Nowadays, Air Conditioning system or air conditioning is one of the most important components of a vehicle, in this case is the car. Stuck in congestion in the air-cooled cars would not be so painful because the body will sweat and stamina will be quickly depleted. As with other components, AC cars also require maintenance to keep working properly. With the air conditioning worked well, of course, riders will also feel more comfortable even stuck in traffic jams.

Caring for car air conditioner is actually not difficult. However, it is often we take for granted because we think that the most important thing to be kept is part machine and legs. Here are tips from Electronic And Mechanic on how to care for a car air conditioner that can work optimally and durable.

Caring For Car Air Conditioner

Always maintain the cleanliness of the cabin, especially from dust and dirt. We should always clean the carpet, especially in the front because of the proximity to the evaporator makes dust and dirt easily exploited that will make the growth of fungi or spores that can harm our health. In addition, a dirty air conditioner evaporator can cause unpleasant odors.

Clean the AC condenser is located under the hood, near the radiator, when we wash the car. Dust and dirt on the condenser will harden if not cleaned, it will make the condenser is porous which can cause leakage.

While trying to park the car should we seek the shade. When the car too long exposure to sunlight, heat and air-conditioning the cabin will be working hard to cool so high cooling loads involved.

It is better to regularly check for an extra fan. If we find an extra fan is not working, then it should be fixed soon because it will damage the compressor or the most fatal result of high pressure hose rupture.

Avoid smoking while in the car. Cigarette smoke will be inhaled into the evaporator. In the long term it will lead to the occurrence of sediment that in the future will make it broken. Although when driving in the open window, but it did not help because it still smoke can be sucked entry. Cigarette smoke also will cause a bad odor in the cabin.

Do not reduce the workload of air conditioning by lowering the temperature when the car go fast.

When stopped, before the ignition is turned off, electricity, including air conditioning has been turned off, it is also true when we want to start the car. When about to turn on the AC, we are encouraged to wait until the machine is stable first.

Use fragrances car that was already proven its quality as fragrances or perfumes are often poor quality can lead to deposition on the evaporator.

Highly recommended to perform air-conditioning maintenance, at least once a year. There are several components in the air conditioner regularly to be replaced or repaired, such as Freon, blower, compressor, evaporator, receiver dryer, etc.

When we found the air conditioning in the car is no longer working optimally, then we should immediately bring it to a handyman service air conditioning to prevent further damage that will certainly cost you more.