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Find The Right Tires For Your Car

Tire is one component that plays a very vital for a vehicle, in this case the car. We can imagine what would happen if one of the tires we have problems, of course, is not only uncomfortable but also can endanger lives. In many cases, consumers often feel confused when choosing the right tires for their cars. They confuse what type of tires suitable or appropriate to their needs, so comfortable and durable. Even though it looks easy but is actually necessary in choosing the tires a little foresight and knowledge, at least consumers should be able to read the language code stamped on a tire product.

Car tires are the only components of the vehicle directly in contact with the road surface. Therefore, finding the right tires will determine how we feel comfort when driving and the level of safety. The first thing that should be taken into consideration when choosing tires are intended use. Cars are used for daily transportation require different types of car tires are used for competition or race. Cars are used for daily transportation need a tire that has a high level of comfort and security. In addition, the durability is also often be an important factor that should be considered by consumers.

However, when we go to a tire shop, there are many brands and types of tires are offered and it often adds to the confusion. Consumers are more often used as a benchmark price and brand to choose, but actually these two factors must be emphasized in numbers because they do not specify how the quality of a product tire.

Here is the code and terminology tires that can be used to help find the right tires for your car from Electronic And Mechanic :

Find The Right Tires For Your Car

Types and sizes: Type and size of tires are recommended for our cars are generally listed on the placard on the door or drawer, behind the fuel tank cap or on the instructions for use. For example, a tire with the code P195 / 55 / R15 84V. The letter 'P' stands for Passenger which means that the tire is designed for passenger cars. There are also LT (Light Truck), ST (Special trailer) and T which means Temporary or spare tire. The letter 'R' means that the manifold Radial tires. For the size, we have to consider carefully because if you choose and use a smaller size or larger than the size of the wheels, the tires can not be installed. Size symbolized by the numbers behind the letter 'R'.
The width of the tire: We also must consider carefully the tire width. The wider the tire, the better the grip power, and vice versa. However, the wide tires will affect acceleration.
The tread pattern: In addition to width, tread pattern will also affect the traction and acceleration. Normal groove generally have a fairly good level of comfort, but if we live in wet areas where rainfall is high enough, it is advisable to choose a tire with V grooves being able to provide better traction when moving through a puddle.
Profile: Tire with a thin profile that is 40 or 50 does look cool when it is used, but also has a bad side. Tires with a thin profile is very risky when used to traverse the bad roads because the wheels will be broken. Therefore, manufacturers of car makers generally put tires with thick profile.