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How to Adjust The Engine Valve

Valve adjustment following a car is not necessary at all engines. Many engines are equipped with hydraulic pounder and do not need to be adjusted. Valves with hydraulic pounder will be set by itself. If the engine is equipped with a valve adjuster mechanism requires adjustment after re tightened cylinder head. This is because when the cylinder head gasket is tightened on the cylinder head and cylinder head squashed more close to the block, so that the slit valve will change. the main components of a circuit with Cam shaft above the cylinder head (OHC = Over Head Camshaft).

How to Adjust The Engine Valve

Before adjusting the valve slit find out the specifications and the ignition sequence of the manual. Follow the procedures in the manual to adjust the valves. A simple way of setting the valve is, write the ignition sequence and the limit in the middle. For example: 13/42. Because the engine speed raise and lower the piston No. 1 and No. 4 are together. At the time of sil 1 and 4 point it dead on, one piston is conducting end of the compression stroke and the other end of the piston exhaust step and initial intake stroke. 

Set the valves in the cylinder is being compressed in which both the valve in the closed position. Continue to rotate in the direction of rotation job search engine, note the valves in the cylinder at the next cylinder exhaust valve end and valve closed influx began to open. Set opposite the cylinder valve. Do it again the playback until all valves finely tuned. After all finely tuned valve, check the timming chain or timming belt and replace if cracked or contaminated oil. Timming belt and timming chain inspected carefully and set appropriate specifications manufacturer's manual, make sure the engine long enough to care. Tighten the lid tapet, star engines give it time to be hot until the working temperature, check the oil and coolant leaks. If there are no leaks mean the cylinder head has a complete service