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Cooling system maintenance

When jammed, car cooling system to work hard. When the engine cooling system is not working well, the engine can suffer from high heat aka overheat. The following parts of the cooling system should be checked periodically.

Cooling system maintenance


The radiator was instrumental in the engine cooling system. Check if there is a leak in the radiator. When this happens quickly repaired.

Check whether the radiator grille that is covered with dust or dirt. When this happens the ability to cool the water can be reduced. Part hose from the radiator to the engine must also be checked. There must be no cracks or feel mushy when pressed.

If the radiator has been serviced, the contents of the liquid again. Can use well water or tap. If you want better able to use radiator coolant has been added to the chemical mixture in order to better cool the engine.

Water Pump
Water pump in charge of distributing the hot water from the engine to the radiator. Check if there is a leak seal, bearing loose until cracks / leaks in the water pump casing.

To examine the condition of the water pump is relatively easy. Pay attention to the body and make sure there are no yellowish white crust on the body. It's a sign of seepage water at the water pump body.

The second way, reach for basic water pump by hand. touch the small hole in the bottom of the water pump. If no water comes out of that section could be a sign of leaking water pump seals.
Electric Cooling Fan
Useless if the radiator and water pump healthy, but the performance is not optimal cooling fan. Engine overheating will suffer as well. On the car front wheels, extra fan will work automatically at a certain temperature (80-90 degrees Celsius).

If the sensor is damaged or dynamo milk readers weak fan, then the supply of wind to cool the radiator will be reduced as well. When idle check whether the fan rotates live regularly and securely.

fan Belt
Player and AC alternator belt should also be checked condition. If on the surface arise cracked or brittle it signs must be replaced. The emergence of chirp sounds when the fan belt works also constitute one of the tools wear indicator

Thermostat become an integral part in the cooling system of the car. Devices located in between the radiator and the engine has a function or clog the flow of hot water from the engine to the radiator.