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Tips on How to Safely Caring For More Durable Car Paint

Almost everyone would dreaming vehicle can still look beautiful and durable. Impression of the car look fabulous views of the outside view is the paint. When a car looks shiny it will create the impression that the car is well maintained. But not a few cars that look dull and unattractive though recently purchased. Actually, the original car paint factory presets have good quality and tested, in general, car paint factory default can last up to a dozen years, but it also depends on the maintenance of the car paint.

Errors car washes often occurs in most people at the time of washing the car, causing scratches smooth to swirl spider would seem obvious luminescence when exposed to sunlight. Dusty road conditions, often made of dust and small sand sticks to the car body. When this happens, the car should be washed because if not, it will cause scratches smooth. For example, contact with the body of your car that has been attached to dust and fine sand will cause abrasion. For this reason, a thorough flushing of the car body in the washing is very important to remove the dirt that sticks to the car body.

Caring For More Durable Car Paint

There is also prefer to take shortcuts in order to paint the car looks shiny polished using drugs. Indeed, in this way the results will quickly be seen directly. But over time the drug was actually going to tarnish polishes car paint itself. Here are some tips to keep your car paint colors to keep it shiny, pretty, not dull or fade easily in a way that is simple yet secure Electronic And Mechanic style. These tips can be applied to any color car paint, car paint colors such as white, black and other colors.

1. Protect Your Car From Weather
Try to park the car in a roof or shade, so avoid the heat of the sun or rain directly. Radiating sunshine constantly can damage the car paint. If you must leave the car for a long time in a place exposed to the sun, should cover the car with a quality car cover.
Similarly, the car caught in the rain if not promptly drained then there will be a source of fungal staining. At night, it is advisable to avoid direct contact between the car with moisture as it can accelerate the onset of rust. If you do not have a closed garage car should be covered with tarpaulin bag or car.

2. Car Wash Routine
Wash your car regularly at least 2 weeks. This is to avoid the accumulation of pollutants, dust and chemicals that may damage the car paint color.

3. Time and Place of the Most Ideal For Car Wash
Currently the most ideal for the car wash is done when the vehicle is cold and carried out in the open and shaded.

4. Use Car Shampoo, Detergent Avoid At Car Wash
If you wash the car, it is advisable to avoid the use of detergent. Of the chemicals in soap detergent may diminish the brilliance of car paint. We recommend using a standard car shampoo and has a great track record for a car wash, but if forced to run out to use soap / shampoo to bathe origin does not contain detergents.

5. Immediately rinse with water Soap At Car Wash
When the car wash soap suds should avoid sticking too long especially in the sun on the car body because it can cause splotches stains on the car paint. Should so do lathering immediately doused with water.

6. Note the Water Pressure At Car Wash
Pressure water spray to wash a car is advisable not too tight, so as not to damage the paint because the water pressure is too tight. The water spray is used to clean the dirt on the body of the car, then simply with moderate pressure.

7. Dry the car with a sponge After Washed
After washing, the car must be dried using a cloth or chamois leather, so that the water does not stick and imprint on the body of the car. Start by wiping the glass and the upper body.

8. Carefully When Wiping
Prudence when wiping the car is important, because when the car in dirty conditions and stick to small particles when wiped it will cause scratches damaging the paint. When wiping use a wet cloth so as not to scratch the particles stick.

9. Wash After the rain
Rainwater still have a salt content, the role of the salt content is causing corrosion so fast cars porous. After the rain immediately wash with car shampoo that contains salt stick soon disappear.

10. Remove Particles Ill Attached to Cars
When painting a car or perform erosion of car paint noticed small particles are usually often still attached to the car. Remember, only one particle can cause car paint scratches. Remove fine dust in the car, you should use a feather duster for cleaning tool that can avoid blisters on the surface of the paint.

11. Avoid liquids that Can Ruin
As far as possible avoid car paint from liquid spills that can damage such as brake fluid, oil fluids and others. When exposed to remove and clean up spills immediately.

12. Use Wax
To protect and maintain the luster of the paint color, you bia coating with wax. The use of wax mobi can protect car paint coating from UV rays and other pollutants. Waxing can dilaukan every 2-3 months to give extra protection to the paint of your car, but do not overdo it.