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Caring for Car Dashboard

Dashboard is part of the interior of the car is often exposed to direct sun in a relatively long time. Therefore not infrequently changing conditions dashboard car dull with age.
Dashboard car is the interior of the car most attention at all times. In addition to functioning as a variety of switches and indicator panels, dashboard also a physical boundary between passengers with views outside the windshield.

In addition to sunlight, dust off the dashboard can also make the appearance look dull and often damaging the part. Therefore in order to stay fit despite the condition of the car dashboard are older than 5 years, then this part needs special care.

4 Ways To Caring Car Dashboard

1. Clean the Dust
The simplest treatment for car dashboard that is the way to clean the dust on the surface of the dashboard. This step could be to use a vacuum cleaner, feather duster, or a clean cloth.
Note the curves and angles close to the windscreen as dust and dirt often hide there. If using a vacuum cleaner, choose a portable and has a trunk so that the dust hose tucked in between the dashboard can join sucked. If you use your feather duster and a duster select which have a smooth surface.

2. Use the Little Water
To clean dirt on the dashboard, you can use a microfiber cloth that are sold in stores motor vehicle maintenance. It should be noted, do not rag soaked with water, enough is made moist by sprinkling or water spray.
To the sidelines that are difficult to reach can use an old toothbrush unused. Moisten the tip of the brush with a splash of water and gently brush the dashboard that there are stains. Make sure the soft bristle brush still not that rough as it may scratch the surface of the dashboard.

3. Use Cleansing
After the dashboard surfaces free of dust and stains, spray the cleaner on the interior of this car. Cleansing the dashboard there is a liquid or foam, and select which kind lotion. Avoid cleaners that contain silicone because it can make the surface of the dashboard stripes.
Do not use soap or household cleaners. Dashboard is generally made of a special material that may be sensitive to regular cleaning. Using unsuitable cleaning agents can cause the dashboard dull, discolored, or leave a mark sweep.
Spray enough surface to the dashboard, and use a soft, dry cloth to flatten it to the entire surface. Do not press too hard because of the possibility akanmembuat terbaret dashboard. If it had been rubbed back with a dry cloth to clean amsih new dashboard surface is completely dry.

4. Give Protective Coating
In order for the car dashboard into a sparkling return can we spray cleaners dashboard which has the basic ingredients water base. After that, wipe again using a dry, soft cloth so that the dashboard shiny. Apply protective products dashboard will provide a protective layer against exposure to sunlight, dirt, and dust.