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Tips To Care Helmet

In tropical countries and dusty, certainly not limited to the use of helmets for safety considerations. Protect yourself from the heat and dust exposure is also an important factor, so that bikers need a helmet, especially of the type of full-face with a glass cover on the entire face.

However, no matter how the helmet is used to protect exposure to heat and dust, this device will also interfere with the wearer when the wrong care. Smell musty and moldy glass would be the most frequent disorders, if the user does not take good care. Electronic And Mechanic wrote a number of tips for the care of the helmet as follows:

Step of a Tips To Care Helmet

1. Open the cover glass, in particular the type of full-face, helmet when not in use. Because if left closed, stale air and the smell of sweat will continue trapped inside the helmet. The stench will also arise if untouched sunlight for a long time. The heat inside the helmet will be deposited on a layer of foam and this is what causes the odor.

2. Get used to hang the helmet after use in long-distance travel. Or treatments done at least once a week, for daily use in Indonesia. Put the helmet in an inverted position with the glass and all parts of the vents open. Open space the bottom of the helmet accelerate the evaporation of perspiration inside the helmet. And the sun's ultra violet rays are able to neutralize the bar sweat it.

3. When storing a helmet, consider the function of ventilation to keep it open so air circulates well. One of the easiest, open the glass and around the vent hole. The smell of sweat will circulate and the rest of the way out to evaporate.

4. Do not forget to put fragrances such as camphor, when the helmet is not used. However, carefully select the type of fragrance to it. If using perfume, then select which contains low alcohol content. When forced to wear high alcoholic fragrances, try when used in small amounts. Due to quick drying foam helmet and wrinkled when frequently exposed to alcohol.

5. Use proper high alcoholic fragrances, such as just squirt a little in a considerable distance from the target. Then when exposed to alcohol glass helmet, immediately wipe it off with a tissue or soft cloth. Therefore, it turns fragrance compounds will facilitate the emergence of fungi on the visor.

6. Scrub the outside of the helmet with a polishing paste evenly. Function in addition to keeping the helmet color durability, not easy to stick dust.

7. Finish polished and fragrant right, keep the helmet in a dust-free and not susceptible to direct sunlight. But do not be too put a helmet on a humid environment. So that the fragrance is not too overpowering, when the store is open around the vent helmet and visor.