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Caring Motorcycle Disk Brake

Motorcycle front brake is a brake disc portion. Disc brakes are used on motorcycles divided into two mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes motorcycle basically the same as that used disc brakes on the car. In hydraulic disc brakes, braking occurs because of the brake fluid pressure to the brake so that the disc is clamped by the brake. As a result of these tongs rotating disc becomes obstructed. As a result, rotation of the wheel becomes blocked, the speed of the motorcycle or motorbike is reduced to a halt.

Other types of disc brake is a mechanical disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes are actuated by the hand brake wire. The movement of the brake under the pressure of the brake lever which will move the brake lever if the brake handle is pulled. Mechanical disc brake construction is simpler so that maintenance is easier. In mechanical disc brakes, brake fluid disorders such as mixed with air in the channel as in hydraulic disc brakes no so no need for exhaust after disc brakes dismantled.

Caring Motorcycle Disk Brake

Inspection, adjustment and maintenance motorcycle disc brakes:

Hydraulic disc brakes

Remove the disc brake units and unloading parts. Note carefully the order of the passage to the installation again no trouble. Clean each component. Do not use gasoline or diesel fuel to wash the disc brake components as they may damage the components.

Measure the diameter of the cylinder, and compare it with the diameter should be. Larger diameter means that the cylinder is already too worn out and replaced emotion. Worn cylinder causing brake fluid leakage.

Measure the diameter of the brake piston. If the diameter is smaller outside the permitted limit means the pistons are too worn and should be replaced.

Check the condition of the piston seals, piston boot, pads and calipers his body. Damage to these components must be replaced immediately. Also check the state of the brake oil hose. Hose cracked, causing leakage of brake fluid should be replaced. Check if the hose is not clogged. For the inflatable with air, spray the hole channel for dirt flushed out.

Disassemble the master cylinder on the tiller and washing parts that have been dismantled with clean brake fluid. Do not wash the components with gasoline or other fuels because the components are made of rubber will be broken.

Measure the inner diameter of the cylinder and piston diameter carefully. Compare the measurement results with a standard diameter. If the outside diameter of the measurement means the provision of these components must be replaced.

Check for brake fluid leakage between the plastic tubes and master cylinder. If the leak does not mean that part is good. Re-assemble the components of the master cylinder carefully and note the following:
  1. Installation of the primary cup do not reverse
  2. Replace the brake lever peg pen with new and harden so that it snaps into place.
    Check the thickness of the brake disc. Compare with standard size. If a thick disk outside the provisions of the disc should be replaced. Clean the disc surface from dirt. Sand stuck causing rapid disc scratched. Oil inherent cause braking skid. Therefore clean the oil with alcohol and dry with a cloth. Check the brake disc bolts violence. Adjust the bolt violence with factory recommendation.
  3. Discard / remove the existing air in the hydraulic brake system in the following ways:
  • Attach air hose to the drain valve, hose ends are next soaked in brake fluid in the tube.
  • Drag and drop repeatedly brake handle on the tiller.
  • Hold the brake handle in the braking position (drag) and loosen the bolt release of air. Enlist the help of others to loosen the bolt release the air.
  • Pump up the longer bolts air release. Brake handle is pulled and released over and over - again. Then hold the brake handle in the braking position (drag) and loosen the bolt release of air.
  • Perform the job over and over - and over until the brake fluid out through the hose does not contain air bubbles. Meanwhile if the brake fluid runs out then add brake fluid to taste.