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Tips to Cleaning and Caring for Blur Car Lamp

Blurred car lights can occur in any part from the main light front (head lamp), turn signal lights and taillights. Mica headlights opaque example can reduce the power beam (lighting quality) of the lamp itself so less than the maximum so that driving becomes more difficult
Mica blurry lights are caused by: home take in water, conceded dew, blockage of the vent, intruding dust, often exposed to the sun, use a large light power or light mica age factor.

How to clean the car lights blurred mica is by brushing mica mica lamp with cleaning fluid which is widely available on the market (car maintenance workshop), in addition to mica lamp becomes clear light scratches on mica lamp will also disappear.

Mica lamp cleaning process is to remove the mica lamp, wash with clean and then applying a liquid cleanser and rub mica lamp with foam / fabric, the principle is the eroded surface of mica so that the outside of the damaged (opaque) will peel off (like the use of the kit on the car paint, which need to be considered is the time to uninstall mica car should be done with caution because of the forced removal may cause damage to the mica.

Tips to Cleaning and Caring for Blur Car Lamp

After mica car lights clear (net), automotive enthusiasts can prevent blurry back on the lamp by means of:

1. use the lamp with the appropriate power, the use of light with great power can make a quick mica rapid yellowing or brittle, this is due to automotive manufacturers actually have measured resistance mica lamp to adjust the headlights and standard.

2. The notice rubber bulb cover, rubber bulb cover is sometimes torn / brittle, if it occurs immediately replace with a new one because the rubber bulb cover brittle / tearing can cause the entry of dust or other debris on the house lights.

3. note the cover seals mica, mica cover seal is very easy to see because it is outside the house lights. If there are torn seals / hollow / brittle it will be very slaves for water and dust from entering the house lights, replace or fix this sil.

4. keep the cleanliness of the hood, especially for a car that is in front of the machine, the machine can make dirty dust / dirt from entering the engine room past the bulb, if necessary use insulation to close the holes that may be the way in dust from the engine room to the house lights.