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Electrical System Maintenance

Electricity is the energy system in each vehicle. Electrical systems can become quite important in the vehicle. in addition to the security of electricity also can sustain the ride comfort at all times. Electric cars need to be considered carefully. Do not let the damage in this section makes your car breaks down or even burn. Below are troubleshooting the electrical system maintenance.

Electrical System Maintenance

Always monitor the condition of the battery
Without the battery, the electrical processes in the car will not start working. It is the most vital device in a car electrical system. Always pay attention to the condition of battery water whether it is enough. Then the battery pole terminals should also be protected from any sediment. Clean with hot water when this happens. Also, note how the age of your car battery. When you have passed 2 years, be prepared to replace with a new one.

Do not underestimate the alternator
When the car is running, the electric battery will be recharged by the alternator. This tool is used to change the engine turns into an electric current which partly used to charge the battery. Fortunately quite easily monitor the condition of the alternator, because there is the indicator lights. This lamp shaped like a battery and lights up when the alternator is not charging the normal. In these circumstances, immediately check the condition of your alternator and replace if necessary. If impose still running, then when the electric battery runs out, the car was going to die at all. And this process in a matter of hours.

Always wear the appropriate fuse
If there is a fuse that break up your car, always replace with the same great Ampere. If it is too small, you will be bothered fuse continuously dropping. But if too large, it can short circuit or fire hazard.

Routine checks
Electrical system is not actually wear due to use, but still could suddenly crashed. It is recommended to check the entire wiring system at least 2 years. Sometimes, Indonesian tropical temperatures can make the rubber cable becomes brittle. And checking will make you able to take preventive actions before the worst happens.