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Types of Excavator Bucket

The excavator bucket is an important and crucial part. Although not too great shape, this tool can be used to dig, carry materials such as stone to sand to demolish a building or something. Selection of the wrong bucket affect the performance and productivity of heavy equipment excavator. 

Operator or company owner should excavator bucket jelly choose and determine which will be used in accordance with the conditions of the soil and materials that will be done at the project site later. Bucket even determine how well the excavation until the magnitude of the object to be lifted.

Some Types of Excavator Bucket

Here are some types of excavator bucket that can be used to further maximize functionality and productivity.

Digging Bucket
Most of the excavator bucket has the basic functions to explore. It appears from the basic design of the excavator bucket in general. Excavator bucket is designed for digging, stone to other materials. Generally bucket shape according to the media to be excavated. For example, bucket with blunt teeth, soft and short to ground. As for digging stone layer, there are bucket that comes with dental materials are harder and sharper, use for prying.

Rock Bucket
Type the following excavator Bucket is a variation of the digging bucket. Sometimes some of the heavy equipment used in the mining area or location of the material hard enough. Bucket type is suitable for prying up to destroy the stone. This bucket is designed with a strong structure and equipped with sharp teeth mounted straight or shaped differently to destroy the stone. In addition to a solid bucket, excavator must also have a strong power to tear the crust. Usually this type of excavator bucket comes with a dimension that is not too large because it is not used to transport the material.

Hardpan Bucket
The excavator bucket type also serves to destroy something. The concept is also not much different from the design of the rock bucket. Bucket or the bucket is designed very strong and sturdy equipped diarea sharp front teeth. Different there are additional gear mounted on the back of the bucket. The function of this additional gear to loosen solid ground so that it is easier to be dredged or excavated. Extra teeth can also be used to break the rock.

Cleanup Bucket
Excavator bucket type is often called bucket cleaning. Design is fairly typical components, also function like a spoon, just to dig and transport material. Therefore, the design of this bucket does not have sharp teeth and capacity tend to be larger. not just for transporting material, excavator bucket is also suitable for leveling the ground, stockpiling material sometimes digging into the soft layer if possible.

Skeleton Bucket
Next excavator bucket type is quite unique and different. This function is for digging bucket. However, with the modified shape makes it more like a filter bucket. The excavator bucket comes with a design width of the base bucket-like nets. The width between the bulkhead that allows the material meeting certain size will fall and leave the larger size of the material in the bucket. As a result of this bucket is quite versatile because it can separate the coarse and fine material.

Choosing the right excavator bucket is very important. Therefore do not forget other factors such as engine power, composition and density of soil were excavated, wide bucket. Happy working!