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Daily Maintenance on Heavy Equipment

Daily maintenance on heavy equipment should be done every day in order to keep the machine working optimally. Maintenance every day is a mutual obligation between staff (assistants) and operator. Assistant tasks are taught how to care for heavy equipment is good and true to the operator. For lifetime service operator can follow the instructions contained in the OMM (Operating Maintenance Manual) or can contact the dealer or an authorized distributor of the brands of heavy equipment.

The usefulness and benefits of the everyday maintenance on heavy equipment is to maintain and prevent wear to an early component of the machine due to lack of maintenance. Examination every day routine will help in anticipating further damage. Reducing down time. Add to the effectiveness of work units and employment targets. Daily maintenance is highly recommended that the machine can still work with a maximum of up to when it comes to regular maintenance period.

Daily Maintenance on Heavy Equipment

Some things are done when the daily maintenance on heavy equipment are:

1). Examination before the engine oil level in turn.
Oil is the life of the components of the machine. Without oil, the heavy equipment components will quickly wear out and obsolete. Oil examination should be done every day in order to avoid damage to components of heavy equipment. Examination before the engine oil level in turn is mandatory. This is done to avoid the exhaustion of oil when the engine is air-operations. Endless oil when the engine is operating will cause excessive heat in the engine and can cause engine into sudden death. It also can lead to collapse of the piston and cylinder overheating.

2). Examination of the battery along with its cable.

The usefulness of the battery on the machine is as modifiers of chemical energy into electrical energy to provide electricity to the electrical system on the unit. Check the battery and its cable aims to avoid surge and that all electrical functions on the machine works well. Check if there are chipped or broken wires, causing problems later. Batteries are widely used in heavy equipment and construction is solid type battery.

3). Check the radiator water.

Water radiators in heavy equipment is used to cool the engine so as not to over-heat. Perform checks every day not to run out of water radiator. If the radiator water runs out the engine will overheat. Because if over-heat the engine will be damaged, especially the piston, and cylinder seals.

4). Check and refuel
Refueling should be done every day in the afternoon after the unit is finished in operation to avoid empty space in the fuel tank.

5). Checking the hydraulic functions.
The hydraulic system of the machine is playing. Check the hydraulic functions every day before the unit operated. Consider whether the machine hydraulic system works normally or not. If it does not mean there is something wrong with the hydraulic system of its supporting components immediately check and find the cause. Since it is very dangerous for the machine and its operator.

6). Warming up the engine
Warm up the engine before the machine operates by turning on the machine with a low engine speed. Warming the engine must be done so that the machine is not in shock and surprise. Warm up 10-15 minutes each day.

Here it is the type of activities that can be done during daily maintenance on heavy equipment. Perform proper care so that heavy equipment units remain good performance.