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Forklift Maintenance

Forklift is an equipment which is ideal for moving heavy loads in industrial operations or other activities. As with other machine tools, mechanical parts of the forklift also tends to wear during continuous use. To be durable forklift needed maintenance done regularly and professionally, forklift with good care will contribute to the durability of the forklift.

5 Tips Forklift Maintenance

Forklift maintenance of good will support the performance and durability of the forklift, there are several ways you can do to care that his condition remained good forklift as described below.

1. Brush with oil actively moving parts. Forklift has actively moving parts such as pedals to the front fork arm. Try moving the joints is not in the dry state, because the friction that occurs during the use of the forklift will have a negative impact on the performance of the forklift if the joints in the dry state.

2. Check the fuel and other fluids regularly. In addition to fuel, no other liquids or oils that help is on the forklift machines. Make sure the fluid is checked regularly and do not run out during use. These fluids include transmission fluids, hydraulic, coolant, and oil.

3. Make sure Forklift at full charge. For the type of forklift that uses battery power, gas, and electricity for electric forklift must be ensured in the contents or in full charge before use.

4. Make sure Gauges Forklift function properly. Gauges Forklfit there paneled instrument serves to give an indication of when there are some parts that are damaged or not functioning. Therefore, it must be ensured this instrument is functioning properly so that damage to other parts may be known as true and good.

5. Ensure forklift tires in good condition. tire is one of the factors that affect the performance of a forklift, it must be ensured that there is air pressure in the tires should be balanced. In addition to the load carried in a stable state, it is so stable power issued forklift.

For a more detailed treatment of this forklift can be asked in a forklift distributor who professionally handle this.