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Simple Caring Electricity

Electricity in the car is very vital existence, all the components of the electrical system of the car is in dire need of good and work in accordance with safety standards or safety riding, especially when driving at night or in bad weather. Electrical system is the heart of the vehicle, if there is a disturbed course will greatly impede the rider or driver.

Not all who have a car can master the problem of electricity, there are only able to drive there anyway that knows the whole of the car electrical system.

Simple Caring Electricity

Here is how to and tips on caring for the car electrical.

1. Check the condition of the Accu or accumulators

Battery or batteries or accumulators can be called also is a very important part of the electrical system, sometimes exhausted battery or battery power shortages. Charge the battery if the battery is exhausted, so do not pay attention to battery acid battery water shortage. Recharge the battery water when the water level is below the lower level of the battery.

2. Examination Alternator

As modifier rev the engine into electrical current alternator peranya certainly very vital. Check the indicator on the dashboard panel to determine whether the alternator works well or not. When the battery indicator light picture light means the alternator is not working properly.

3. Replacement Fuses

Fuses serves as the electric circuit breaker in case of short circuit the electrical system. replace the fuse when it is black or replace fuse periodically during the service or tune-ups.

4. Be careful when adding accesoris

Accesoris as under fluorescent lights, audio or accesoris are not innate manufacturers to consider their effectiveness, if not equally effective user and better considered first installation.

5. Examination of wires and lights

Cables and lamp examination shall be conducted regularly and check with unbelievably detailed. Check all cables contained on engine components, lampshade and cabin lamp or roof lights. Then check the light bulb carefully, how to heat up the engine while doing the inspection to all parts of the lights one by one. If there is no light bulb or inclined black and check also the relay, when the main lights dim usually occurs due to damaged or abnormal riley.

Thus ways and tips on caring for the car to be delivered electricity, sorry if there is a shortage. May be useful, Greetings