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How To Care Bolts And Nuts

Do not assume trivial devices nuts and bolts, like other appliances, these components have important functions. If ignored, can be a hassle when service or repair. To that end, it took too attention, maximum care and adequate treatment method.

Simple Care Bolts And Nuts

Use Right Tool

Use key ring or fitting and proper screwdriver, in order to avoid the bolt or nut clusters. Not a few people ignore this. For example, open-headed bolt positive (+) with a screwdriver negative (-). Such incidents cause the torque or force pedestal screwdriver in the bolt was minimal. If forced either to open or tighten, even cause the cluster on the bolt.

In New Vehicle

Requires a different technique to open it. The trick, first tighten the nut or bolt before loosening. Thereby to obtain a good torque on the nut, so that will make it easier when open.

Flush With Anti-rust Liquid

Rigors bolts or nuts when they want to open, may be due to dirt (corrosion) that clot in the groove nut or bolt. The solution, flush nuts or bolts with kerosene or liquid sprayers destruction rust. Alongside that, at slowly as well as the bolt head with a lock or a screwdriver. Thereby making the flow of fluid to seep into the gaps. set aside some time, then loosen the nut or bolt slowly. When you all suffered severe group, try to outsmart the stopcock or the UK. It also can use a chisel and hammer to form an angle of the nut or bolt. But better just experienced mechanics who go it in order to avoid more severe damage.

Do Not Too toned

Avoid tightening nuts or bolts excessively. Too tight or forced tight can cause a bolt or nut wear. Moreover difficult when will reopen. We recommend using a torque wrench to the level of its proper tightening.

Clean Periodic

As with other components, nuts or bolts also need treatment. Especially the part that does not really matter, such as nuts fairing. While the vital parts such as engine, leave it. Treatment can be done by cleaning it each month. The trick soak nuts and bolts on kerosene or gasoline. Their purpose for dirt in grooves in the bolt or nut missing. And if left unchecked, the dirt may cause corrosion or rust permanently. Once dry use a lubricating oil or grease to lubricate the metal layer in the groove in the nut or bolt. Other functions, in order to avoid the metal from stains or other filth.