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Backhoe Treatment Goals

In general, the treatment can be defined as efforts / actions, including the prevention and improvements made to keep the condition and performance of a machine is always such conditions and performance when it was new or original, but in the right way and effectively so costs issued for treatment can be as effective as possible.

The goal of Backhoe treatment is as follows:

  1. In order for the machine concerned are always in a state of alert and ready to use at any time (high availability = efficient physical good).
  2. So that heavy equipment is always in top shape, powerful, good mechanical (Good Performance).
  3. Heavy equipment repair costs so that it becomes more efficient (reduce repair cost).

Care 10 hours of operation can be divided into two basic routine maintenance can be carried out within 10 hours after the heavy equipment is operated. Namely preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.

Preventive care is treatment performed on the machine to prevent damage that would have been possible if the action is not carried out after the machine / unit is operated 10 hours. In other words, preventive maintenance is to prevent damage before it occurs after the machine / unit is operated 10 hours. By doing this preventive treatment could be obtained among other advantages: Reducing the damage, the cost of the operation becomes more efficient, the safety of heavy equipment that we have secured properly.

Corrective maintenance that maintenance on the machine after an abnormality in this part of the specific parts of the heavy equipment. This treatment can be done with the replacement or adjustment of parts after the engine / unit operated 10 hours. In other words corrective maintenance is maintenance inspection, adjustment and replacement. By doing this corrective maintenance activities can provide the advantage of heavy equipment parts Yag been damaged or have trouble going to be back to its normal state so that it can work effectively.