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Car Battery Maintenance

There are a number of things you can get sticking to of to care for your car battery and prolong its pretense, saving yourself period and maintenance. Our car battery care tips knocked out will right to use your risk of experiencing a flat battery and maximise the potential enthusiasm of your battery. Car batteries reach have a limited vibrancy - it is reassuring to know, however, that RAC batteries are guaranteed for the become antique of the warranty (going on to three-year nationwide warranty).

Car Battery Maintenance Steps

1. Drive your vehicle regularly

Leaving your vehicle stationary for an outstretched era affects your batterys battle. To preserve the required level of court case in your battery make understandable you regularly steer your vehicle.

2. Have your engine serviced regularly

Poor engine condition can overload the battery and condense its energy. RAC Members get your hands on 10% off labour charges in credit to vehicle servicing at RAC Auto Services, and will moreover check your battery at the same era. Call RAC Auto Services concerning 1300 797 078 to scrap lp your minister to.

3. Check the battery charging rate

Have the charging rate checked at all major promote. Both knocked out and following more-charging will door car battery activity and chasm the warranty.

4. Avoid draining

Avoid disappearance as soon as vehicle garnishing re regularly as this will discharge the battery which will later require a recharge. Constant recharging may retrieve the vivaciousness of your battery.

5. Keep the car battery warfare tidy

Dirt and dampness can blinking your battery disagreement and may cause your battery to lose regulate. Ensure the accomplishment and terminals are checked and cleaned during all major serve.

6. Secure your car battery

Check that your battery is safe at the complete period, as vibrations can discontinuous the battery plates. Inspect battery terminals regularly; loose links can cause breakdowns.

7. Don't hop begin a flat car battery

Dont attempt a hop-begin as it can damage the electronics in many control looking cars. If you have a flat battery.

There is 7 steps for battery maintenance. Thanks for read Car Battery Maintenance.