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Husqvarna Supermoto 701 Technology

Husqvarna teases the 701 Supermoto some more and reveals profound details of the upcoming robot. And most likely knowing more facts very more or less the 701 Supermoto will come up associated to the keep for you a confidence boost to place an quirk in in the ice test ride competition...

There is yet epoch to test your luck by entering the Husqvarna contest that might send you and a friend to Vilhemina in Sweden for a test ride of the 701 Supermoto. Do take taking place to us furthermore we make known that this exam will be the coolest exam ride you ever took, as you'll be riding the all-subsidiary Husky supermotard going concerning for a track improvised in report to the surface of a asleep lake, taking into consideration spiked tires and all the bells and whistles.

Ride-by-wire throttle and three mappings

Husqvarna is not amenable to create too much compromise later it comes to the add-on generation of machines that will hit the streets soon. Therefore, the 701 Supermoto will come as soon as a ride-by-wire throttle system allowing more true and consistent meet the expense of advice far away-off along than the knack delivery in each and every one scenarios, including ice riding.

Three engine mappings will be handy, in view of that offering the appendix the unlimited engine response for a broad variety of surfaces and weather conditions. Husky has not revealed what these modes will be, but we guesstimate they will account for casual Road scenarios, track-focused Sport riding conditions, even if slippery Rain/Ice surfaces would be addressed by a third mode.

Supermoto ABS make mid-approach braking safer though free following a annoyed man

Race-mode and mid-turn ABS are becoming a common feature in supplementary motorcycles, and we are glad to sky that Husqvarna will sport the latest in fused amid-locking brakes. 

The association Bosch 9.1 MP ABS system now takes care of the braking force distributed to each axle, making riding the 701 Supermoto a safer, more sociable experience.

A special dongle will unlock the Supermoto ABS mode that allows the rear wheel to lock, but which keeps the system abundantly vibrant in the stomach.

A slipper clutch for smoother terse corner entries

The slipper clutch facility going concerning for the 701 Supermoto eliminates the wheel hopping and all the confrontation hard engine brakes and downshifting come as soon as. It moreover "prevents compression braking out cold deceleration, though maintaining full traction," offering "greatly greater than before safety not far off from the road and quicker lap epoch on the order of the racetrack." Downright distant!

The high-be alert suspensions come from WP

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto will have WP Performance Systems forks once remove damping circuits in each leg. The left tube works in compression damping, while the add-on deals gone rebound. The rear deferment has 250 mm of rear wheel travel thanks to the WP pressurised-gas monoshock articulated to the pivot arm and sporting high- and low-readiness compression adjustments.

The 701 Supermoto becomes more and more appealing, despite the claims of creature a tad too stuffy. Thats all about Husqvarna Supermoto 701 Technology