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Caring Car Dashboard

Treatment on the dashboard is an activity that must be done by the owner of the car on a regular basis. It is of course to maintain the beauty of the dashboard, so that unsightly and the driver to be comfortable when driving. Dashboard care must be done with caution, because there are components that are related to electricity, especially on the dashboard of a modern car is loaded with electronic components.

Caring Dashboard Car With Simple

In addition to regular maintenance every month, caring the dashboard can be done every day while heating machines. Treatment is done by using a slightly damp cloth to clean the dashboard of dust and dirt that if it were easy to clean. This was done to simplify the overall treatment is usually done every month, whether the treatment is done by our own or when using a car wash service.

Whole Care Car Dashboard

This treatment is done so that the dashboard looks like new, clean, shiny and unsightly. Although this treatment is thorough, but done almost the same as daily treatments. Using equipment that is simple and relatively inexpensive, you can do so without having to salon car at a cost that is quite expensive. Here are the steps to care for the dashboard:

  • Car Wash In Overall First with caution when washing the dashboard.
  • Use a shampoo that does not damage the paint.
  • After washing with clean, dry with a dry cloth or chamois.
  • Warm the engine when wiping.
  • Special spray for polishing dashboard and wipe the surface of the dashboard until shiny and dry it carefully in order to secure the front panel of the water and do not short-circuit.
  • Check all components of the dashboard and make sure there are no oil leaks on the steering wheel

Thus caring for the dashboard with a simple article. May be useful to the reader. Update continues to this website to find out all the news about the automotive and heavy equipment.