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Daily Check Backhoe Loaders

Daily Check Backhoe Loaders - How to perform daily checks on one of our backhoe Loaders?. The reason why we do daily checks is so that the machine is safe, road worthy and also helps to reduce service costs and prolong the machines life. So the first thing that we need to do is to check the fluid levels. These are all doneat ground level. To open up the bonnet, this is done via the cable inside the cab, round to the front of the machine to the bonnet and as you can see an easy one touch system. The first thing to check is the hydraulic oil. The site gauge is located on the side of the tank and the reading should be sitting half way on the sight gauge. From there we need to check the engine oil via the dipstick and the reading should be at maximum. 

Next we need to check the cooler level. This is situated just behind the loader arm and should be reading from cold minimum to cold maximum. Then to the washer bottle, this shouldbe full of fluid, to the fuel filter this should be free from any water and any contamination. One thing that is often missed is the visual inspection of the radiator. This should be free from any debris or dirt to prevent any over heating of the machine. 

Daily Check Backhoe Loaders

The next thing we need to do is check the transmission oil level. For this we need to run the machine for 4 minutes before we check it. Also while the machine is running we are going to do a 360 degree visual check of the machine and set the machine for greasing So while the machine is running, we are going to perform our 360 daily check. Don’t forget about your 3 points of contact. First we will look at the tyre, making sure that the tyre is in good condition, free from any cracks on the side walls and that all the wheel nuts are securely fastened Next we need to check all the hoses on the machine to ensure that they are free from any cracks and also have no leaks Earlier on we set the boom and dipper up ready for greasing. 

Now on the machine everywhere that there is a pivot pin, there is a greasing point. These are all accessed from ground level and are easily greased with the supplied grease gun. Now the reason why we grease our machine is to ensure smooth and long life of each pin and bearing. Next we need to check all the lights on the machine to ensure that they are in good working condition and free from any cracks. Once we have finished our 360 visual check and turned off the engine, it is now time to check the transmission oil. The reading we should be looking for is maximum on the dipstick. Well that brings us to the end of our daily checks, by taking these steps decreases the machine downtime and makes your job a whole lot easier. Well that’s ‘how to’ from me finished and if you are unsure of how to do your daily checks, please refer to your Operator’s manual. Thanks for read Daily Check Backhoe Loaders.